How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Cryptic Oct 05 2018

Attempt to keep finish in fashion trendy
Audible word to scare away trainer, say shoe
Banned bringing Disney back into Open University edition outlawed
Beast of burden put on small island donkey
Colour slightly covering wife’s stab of pain twinge
Criminal Roman den being held before trial on remand
Even parts of ideas that give information data
Fake news’s ending bad actor sham
Flatten out bun, skipping the first bread product unroll
Flying insect on female cattle’s flesh beef
Going around that place, Edward is tied down tethered
Had the sensation of being left out felt
Initially archbishop promotes ecclesiastical primate ape
Mad on nuts, swallowing large nut almond
Not caring, needing some soap at hygienist’s apathy
Problem for long-haul traveller let loose in expensive car jet lag
Rough Spanish agreement accepted by a Native American fighter abrasive
Schedule to conclude between California and Arkansas calendar
South Africa left dealing with savoury sauce salad dressing
Swede possibly got over reassembling European piece of furniture root vegetable
Teasing talk is taken away from stair-rail banter
You might hear someone admired for not working idle
Young person brewing green tea teenager
A church provides one ace
A new hair preparation finds backer for production angel
A source of roar in wild cat? larynx
Additional levy resulting from attack on fighting force service charge
African nomad's regular display of genius gnu
Article fifty covered by Times well ably
Beyond redemption at sea lost
Cold fruit flake chip
Detailed plan to protect pound is futile idle
Dog kept cutting inside pig shadow
Energy required in violent exercise wield
Fine fish scraps frays
Fresh maid organised beer and stout soubrette
Great unorthodox priest's last sermon due tremendous
Laboured badly crossing very wide city street boulevard
Land taken from previous county, in part hard to manage cumbersome
Means of measuring residue on vault spring balance
Metal bar obscuring other exhibits ingot
Monarch once imprisoning queen upset senior investor shareholder
Release detective's service details in printed form dismissal
Reluctantly admit Dickensian's supporting petition begrudge
Required tax limit duty-bound
Retiring storyteller, sedate, skirting a bar to avoid accidents guardrail
Richly adorned Eastern believer eclipsed by lovely daughter bejewelled
Save used tart, we're told hoard
Shall we put up with a boarding pirate? steal
Shifting end of rack, restore all detachable footwear roller skate
Those attending function entertained by jazzmen, bishop having left assistants
Today's journalist held out presented
Troops recently formed line infantry
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