How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Cryptic Nov 27 2018

A couple of regular ingredients in stewpot two
A shocking way to die? electrocution
Characters seen in South a bit, a terrible living environment habitat
Cow-leather emitting hydrogen compound oxide
Government’s official landlord accepting Rev’s wasted time public servant
Grating, tactile dancing lattice
Had a session with younger lecherous creature satyr
I keep things more sensitive, having tons inside storer
Instrument one imagines to be used for rock samples? air guitar
Meeting for a job to bury opinion interview
Mentioned that place of those people their
Myself and wife speak cattily? mew
Outer parts of soft roe when scattered strewn
Over-the-top identification rejected? Same here ditto
Quickly able to understand glycaemic index in beer agile
Rugby team’s initial unvarying routine rut
Somehow retain raw output from the cloud? rainwater
Split from singular church doctrine schism
Street or motorway rage storm
Top section of submarine deceiving tugboat, say conning tower
Traitor runs a temperature rat
Very different result of urban dividing wall? streets apart
Very toxic dye lad mixed deadly
Witness more irritable, if being detained testifier
A packet young men found under a stone, lifted up megabucks
Account, I expect, not entirely free untie
After a bit, one willing to be bowled over by Charlie’s good spelling? white magic
All English Premier League teams advanced, stuffing outsiders in trophy twenty
Almost expected to feed bagpiper's habit, man always playing? kidult
Answer — one required in experiment, perhaps? retort
Bank simply ignoring me rely
Certain to arrest soldier donning dress if sozzled in Queensland suburb surfers paradise
Danger which carries on threat
Day having a rest rejuvenated climber monstera
Dead centre, miles inside numb
Don't talk nonsense about case of employee being slightly embarrassed sheepish
Dunce demonstrating hint of intelligence in current mark idiot
European Parliament in crisis on all fronts — long story epic
Film not seen, reportedly? mist
Fit fifty helium cans into storeroom athletic
For which hack or chaser on course, ultimately? horse race
Furious to discover affair seething
Go below red line embroidered onto uniform underlie
Important packs provided, round near the end semifinal
In rift, apprehension starts to affect rock music genre gangsta rap
Legal requirement for faculty provision
Old Creator? former
Old drink bottles for wine pinot
One getting bigger, bear no more being said? expander
Presenting act, a bird of the highest order entertains? bestowal
Setter weary before end of house party jamboree
Spiritual icon I see in US city omaha
Tell anyone but me: frankly, content unnecessary notify
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