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The Times - Cryptic Nov 07 2008

A drop in the ocean is to hit Democrat under pressure in broadcast SPLASHDOWN
After initial withdrawal, genuinely well-behaved RULY
Antelope among Baluchi ruminants CHIRU
Concentration of energy, smashing sixth ace CATHEXIS
Conservative American couple starting Hallowe'en with a pumpkin of theirs CUSHAW
Description of borax due for insecticide? BORDEAUXMIXTURE
Flesh to be sold in draw, getting millions for hospital DEADMEAT
Forcibly remove unconventional values AVULSE
In good spirit or unknowing, as some say INGRUM
It was to last longer than daughter getting into dressmaking with no introduction OUTDURE
Mock judge always using literary language JEER
Mostly sluggish, a water-creature overturned ship's store LAZARETTO
Mount action for publicity after south-west European cuts trees SWEETCHESTNUTS
Muses in genetically modified area over giving approval AMENING
Only Dixie playing is explosive XYLOIDINE
Playwright's staggering jibe over reversed top with stained covering GIDDYPACED
Problem with asthma's not the first for Scottish weightlifting? HEEZING
Religious instruction learner got out of holy books and old, old women RIBIBES
Shunning kitsets but endlessly gripped by nipper breaking metal in attack SCRATCHBUILDING
Since coming in Queen's left wheat dish FROMENTY
Sleep interrupted by nit, say, getting up? She may be a Pom DOGGESS
Spoil a line of a duty list ROTAL
Supporter of secret treaty article between England and Germany ENGAGER
Type of hairpiece suggesting a bee in one's bonnet? BUZZWIG
Unable to move with husband in trouble SHTUCK
US plant put little into appeal church had ITCHWEED
Valiant horseman, Paul Revere, I dashed around ninety hours PREUXCHEVALIER
Worry about copper-plated ring being dingy FUSCOUS
A blow to conservatism? WINDOFCHANGE
Article fit to go outside hospital in European city THEHAGUE
Badly organised student event before term RAGTAG
Bit irked after breaking scrambling machine DIRTBIKE
Cushion concealing stick that is taken off PARODIED
Dangled line, hoping for a bite? HUNGRY
Do seek asylum in Roman Church? FLEECE
Ex-spy I ordered to conceal news worth little SIXPENNY
Fellow satisfactory - not hunky, but a catch! JOHNDORY
Garden site is prepared as place with great view RINGSIDESEAT
Got water off germ-covered Manx cat - good! SQUEEGEED
Horse turned up in pet pound SUFFOLKPUNCH
How to sneak into top raves with ecstasy ONTIPTOE
Invigorating air from Australia to have broadcast OZONE
It impresses when lawyer and politician grasp exam answer DATESTAMP
It's divine being on form: demand to be recalled regularly! DAEMON
Lacking water, drinking cold bitter ACRID
PC's part in detective's grand campaign DISKDRIVE
Problem keeping one's sheets unmarked? WRITERSBLOCK
Promontory has light attached to post LANDSEND
Provided number, means to call it back LAIDON
Replay return series in Komsomolsk SLOMO
Restricted by material, Gilbert turned, confused SWADDLED
Revolutionary House of Commons history is mentioned in new Hansard initially HOCHIMINH
Sort of date one has trouble looking up in summer, briefly? JULIAN
Total at the end, excluding tips INALL
Trickster cut and run after shout attracting attention HOAXER
Turn to drink after taking in son's scandal GOSSIP
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