How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Cryptic Nov 03 2017

'Tis suggested, don’t go to bed sit up
A bit of crosswind lethal for rook SWINDLE
Alone, crossing hard pebbles SHINGLE
American Indian conceals a singular wrinkle CREASE
Apparently where clock displays time? on the face of it
Appeared too hot in chair embracing wife SWEATED
Check wonky frame and cut off a corner CHAMFER
Computer depots arranged to stock a thousand DESKTOP
Get up around noon and wash RINSE
Go backwards, and initially reach way out REGRESS
Hairdresser’s perk? fringe benefit
I saw sleet when playing toy instrument swanee whistle
Induced to bury bone in garden BRIBED
Member of family has information on us GENUS
Salesman, one clearing throat HAWKER
Sequin half gleams under bridge SPANGLE
Singer tours one ground BASIS
Slightly dishonest fighting? This may keep you out of it evasive action
Small beds for northerners SCOTS
Soldiers pull back to observe REGARD
Some tarmac cracks in African city ACCRA
Suspicion about daughter’s side-to-side measurement BREADTH
Terror of such locks? DREAD
Visitor supposed to speak GUEST
Book from finance departments, that is coming up light treasure island
Confident when Communist tours Soviet Union's capitals ASSURED
Disorderly house interrupting finished actor all over the shop
Drum out tosser, roughly at first CASHIER
Echo and start to spread in turn? RESOUND
Eyeball components swivelling, which holds face in place? WATCHSTRAP
Fake news's ending with one smear having recently come in SIMULATED
Links support with leaders of nation after general election, probably in minority? TEENAGE
Make compatible drug, concentrated in nettle RECONCILE
Marks for special attention inefficiency, with cut leading to dangers ASTERISKS
More like Stones with a heavier beat? ROCKIER
More than one mouthful of mushrooms, gobbling seconds MORSELS
Multinational payment arrangement enclosed in one-way fare from Asia single currency
No upright member of holy Eastern church backing its symbol? CROSSPIECE
Notes certain company in card game providing stressful situation pressure cooker
Past packs go bad under more mature fruit ELDERBERRY
Pick up wood with odd bits of bark in desolation HEARTBREAK
Project Fear's secondary element for unwelcome arrival in Britain? JUTE
Riband's middle strip over patterned cloth BATIK
Ring dispatcher to tangle with endless love MATADOR
Satisfied about pattern of stress METRE
Something instrumental in rejection of neo-bourgeoisie OBOE
Sparsely separates these characters — victims PREY
Strike to get time off for depression HUMP
Suitable position hospital's got in NHS advisory body NICHE
Support for upper body member in seat ARMREST
Three-line form reported power grab at top level? HAIKU
What food enhancer containing Charlie might be? ADDICTIVE
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