How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Cryptic May 31 2019

Angry with procedures as a bishop manoeuvres? crossways
Changer of text in English rubbish I had written up editor
Colour TV company suffering from depression sky blue
Company officers give order to make a formal speech directorate
Express disapproval: our heartless teacher! tutor
Extreme features of showy Neo-Gothic harmonise in time sync
Focus attention on cutting first lock of hair tress
Go off after desk gets broken and run away skedaddle
Iron perhaps used for cores to help cements? element
Jauntily up to appearing in that? until
Message with untruth revolving about mother email
Metal used for foil when wrapping present in it therein
Muscle initially bulging in chaps exercising pretty solidly biceps
Nothing left at home on returning nil
Playing sevens tries always needing to move restiveness
Preserve Tell’s first functioning part of Switzerland canton
Rebellious group loses its first battle action
Redesigned quad with cute water channel aqueduct
Religious group with 100 in clique sect
Remain without a home in the country sty
School note expected about pet? educate
Shortly attending church for spirit presence
Species that is missing a means of seeing clearly specs
Spread including whiskey and fish eggs spawn
Upbringing having run true to form? nurture
Worker erected girl’s aerial antenna
A fee quoted for what solicitors do accost
A lot of extra troops by port reversing tank? reservoir
Area with dry, rocky peak sector
Attached to main character in little US novel on the road
Careless king dropping a line, one dispatched officially emissary
Clean out rank stews in hostelry over time bankrupt
Concealed attack in case of antebellum President ambush
East German capital erected in Roman port ostia
Equipment for anglers I see brought up to speed hasten
Expecting trouble and scorn, kissing men abroad morning sickness
Guard losing November and December's fare turkey
Leading couple in Fame turning up in Russia once? tsardom
Lingerie one's lowered with colour that's not popular undesired
Means of transport to get case of merchandise through part of America camel
Much of fast car could be used for scrap fracas
Number one's appeal issue
On TV outfit's regressive look regard
One taking interest in the solver’s texting, indeed! usurer
Part of insect rolling on stomach notum
Place to study epic writer, and pass on cracking style homerton college
Problem with drink? This helps you get dry rubdown
Repression having Sally in poor spirits crackdown
Ring a determined, revolutionary plotter oates
Rogue cop wearing blue material flicks food popcorn
Rule of Republican, for one French city regnancy
Safe old poem's cutting edge perimeter
School's picked up, as courses enjoyed? eaten
Steps across theme park's greatest attractions? bestrides
Tinker with tailless shrimp filled by wife twiddle
Writer penning line badly who's a show-off blowhard
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