How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Cryptic May 22 2019

Bad time to bring back group of soldiers troop
Cold tailless amphibian atop animal enclosure frosty
Don’t hew a yew: some of it is coming up on the way
Entry line winding around hotel, essentially inherently
Eternal youth to dwindle and be exhausted (but not out in either case) peter pan
French poet’s verse translation of La Reine verlaine
Hang around, covered in pitch tarry
Hit friends turning up slap
Humour to appear extremely dry comedy
Lines appended to mail? postscript
No cry out for friend crony
Not in hospital room facing away outward
One who regrets accepting Doctor of Divinity as guide rudder
People go fast race
People power unsettled a couple populace
Perhaps a bit of snow following a large amount of water flake
Picture with sound of enemy trail photo
Pleasure rested on one small dissenting subgroup satisfaction
Poke about university, pleased with oneself proud
Screw up masculine point of view mangle
Small amount of speed dash
Towards eleven, company see main point for poisons expert toxicologist
Vessel in snake pit at last boat
Window fixer initially gets less inclined to work glazier
A lot of passengers in train see notice coachload
After work, delay for a long drink yard of ale
Beliefs of the uninitiated prolonged speech creed
Browse ten gripping books, after exam certificate dip into
Cautious when circling naval officer’s bedstead charpoy
Champion’s speed is key backspace
Dress down, and start liking one’s job? take to task
Ducks out of strike: bravo, folks! lambkin
Extract coming from revolutionary manuscript folio
Festival with popular songs in German and ever poetic whit sunday
Finishes off twin projects, displaying extraordinary power juju
Fussy hosts ultimately plan events for the year annal
Girl repelled Geordie with primitive instincts enid
Good person not in fairness displaying energy juice
Lead attack on journalist after United criticised upbraided
Member of military caste turned to work — shock! rajpoot
Note about period headgear terai
One to drop off packs left one set on pedestal idolize
Person milking crowds after backing charity dairymaid
Quote from animated character who’s put a CD out whats up doc
Raised from bed, picked up from here away
Remain confined to bed, missing quiet place lieu
Remove cap? That honour regularly goes to the Left unhat
Return of old woman to heave boxes rematch
Shatters convertible at maximum speed in this? crash-test
Short article: one way to get a degree third
Star female curiously the source of daughter’s frailty first lady
State of record company endlessly attracting gossip indiana
What, being retracted, is stuck in sullen alderman’s throat red lane
Where French gallery with large arch is looking shabby out at elbow
Wood spirit no longer for drinking these days dryad
Wrong RE student committed entrusted
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