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The Times - Cryptic May 22 2010

Aggression of revolutionary rebelling about Eastern church BELLIGERENCE
As far as one can see, taking king for leader results in ludicrousness RISIBILITY
Before spring, one church is trapped by wintry conditions ICEBOUND
Bottle on stand in part of house is creating anxiety NERVEWRACKING
College's position affected University Society CAMPUS
Community leader taking a bishop with queen — good! ABBESS
Conditions restricting union rules STATUTES
Conflict in modern times brings medal, say AWARD
Copper, perhaps, and others, going after evil male BASEMETAL
Correcting and getting back into gear REDRESSING
Dear (usually) device for getting information from correspondents out LETTEROPENER
Fabric in new article fashionable, thus acceptable NAINSOOK
Fear about it unknown in this area TERRITORY
Fictional animal half-heartedly represented real one TIGER
Fine parts of Germany and southern part of Europe FLANDERS
For example, book cast unwilling to make effort WORKSHY
From plant I generate toxin ANTIGEN
Future partner with money and energy, name-dropping FIANCEE
Game proceeding through a series of matches DOMINOES
Getting women in service or mass helps MAIDS
Giant types of conger-eels, oddly depleted OGRES
Gifted learner that's held by judge GAVEL
Group with following in European hit — going up and down EBBANDFLOW
Hamlet, for example, cut off from others APART
Happy about family member being compatible CONSISTENT
Inspiring force within Claude Monet DEMON
It records the steps leading to a measure PEDOMETER
Lay down life for another in this spirit GHOST
Material for court messenger, target of gunmen CLAYPIGEON
Minor offence for which I called cop, stupidly PECCADILLO
More serious author writing for schoolchildren, for example STERNER
Musician reduced volume as one's put in, previously, large tip VIOLONCELLIST
Namely, converted chaps in the congregation LAYMEN
Not feminine, but bosomy — it worried husband TOMBOYISH
Old sayings included by the working religious scholar THEOLOGIAN
One section of air force having dreadful effect AWING
People with key arrive outside to open COMMENCE
Person fishing in one river after another SEINER
Person out of work on Scottish island RETIREE
Piece of Norfolk dialect for old weapon BROADSWORD
Policy terms revised after success in seasonal competitions WINTEROLYMPICS
Poor state of one needing cash, primarily ruined INDIGENCE
Pound cut by British Rail, unusually LIBRA
Running water in Italy is old, mind, and not safe to drink POISONOUS
Second snub for gentleman of Verona, say SIGNORE
Simple weapon trapping a brother, time after time after time, in display of aggression SABRERATTLING
Standard note to lender about penniless guy, cunning in tight-fisted way PARSIMONIOUSLY
State of course that's about to be sold GOING
Team designed badly, made bar unattractive DEMAGNETISED
They are expected to join team in lab involved in investigations PROBABLES
They work to grasp cypher, right? CRYPTOGRAPHERS
Top person retiring late, without a presentation BESTOWAL
View repeated to refer to position, say SIGHT
What manager did, backing and helping to create account NARRATION
What's remarkable about European holiday is refusal to go out with others STRIKEBREAKING
With extra note, change end of symphony for old instrument PSALTERY
With tensions a bit crazy, medium policy of nonalignment ABSTENTIONISM
Work by Rembrandt, say, nobody else could have done SELFPORTRAIT
Work unit — when the second part comes, they say the first will too MANHOUR
Working on tree on street, initially ATFIRST
Art movement, say, leading to rise of vice in island EXPRESSIONISM
Boat builder hasn't finished installing room for woman NORMA
Cloth spun in Aragon ANGORA
Comic character fools about TINTIN
Creature first to enter snare is grabbed by fox TETRAPOD
Fail to show support, perhaps, for party BEANO
Feature in Paris Match re period during revolution ARCDETRIOMPHE
Fellow heartlessly gags pensioner JOESOAP
Group of students finally pay attention YEAR
Having discharged gun, gangster leader making off with lots of money UNLOADED
In Winnie's place, there's little time to spring clean for a start CHARTWELL
Italian film director not in favour of screening tear-jerker ANTONIONI
Like schoolmasters, they care about inspiring learner TEACHERLY
Main requirements in religious institutions, it appears PRIORITIES
Make fruit cake, American-style DONUT
Male meets topless female — that's exciting HEADY
Measure of energy put into bars by one composer PERGOLESI
Metal clasp holding together old dress seen from the back PIGIRON
One with starring role is shot LEAD
One's found party dead DISCOVERY
Periodical we see displayed round front of kiosk WEEKLY
Powerful Roman with firm hold on a state AGRIPPA
Province formerly covered by Italian journalist ANJOU
Rather like odd slices of cake, unfortunately ALACK
Speaker's one who'll succeed, having natural ability as a high-flyer? AIRBORNE
Springtime holiday home in France I swapped for a place in England MARGATE
Suggesting I'm being deceitful if put under pressure IMPLYING
Teller of tales broadcast once as true RACONTEUSE
Tidies leaves CLEARSOUT
Watch anger rising, in a way REGARD
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