How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Cryptic Mar 26 2019

A large number returned, having left coral reef atoll
A man’s photographic device lens
Across river, foe ultimately gets defeated overcame
Bird making sound of distressed dog in East London? owl
Bury in virgin territory inter
Check edge of pavement, so to speak curb
Contemptible person’s command to dog? heel
Dispensation for writers Nice police, etc, engineered poetic licence
Gave benediction to girl and boy crossing lake blessed
Ghostly atmosphere always hanging over one loch eeriness
Going west, drop off academic don
Inexplicable, lacking capacity to take in report unaccountable
Instrument only bands or ensembles originally used? oboe
Issue identified by English chap at end of June emanate
Money a deaconess finally invested in church cash
No rating could be so unenlightened! ignorant
Passably even-handed football administrators — from Dublin, perhaps? fairish
Plump fellow carrying large beer cask rotund
Shortcoming not associated with Lancelot Brown? incapability
Splendid environment for the Spanish cat feline
Theatre employee that may be Welsh? dresser
Trophy poet keeps in old cabinet cupboard
Violinists use them? Nonsense fiddlesticks
Visit daughter’s offspring? seed
A bit set on changing — or maybe not! obstinate
A foreign writer is confronting text-changer lacking official status unauthorised
Aimed to purchase, breaking into new trade targeted
Assiduous old man in street meeting a top man painstaking
Certainly, cutting energy used around island is sought after in demand
Church woman beginning to shine vessels there chalices
Course is creamy dessert with new finishing touch syllabus
Cross about doctor's indistinct utterance mumble
Cut grass covering bird, except for tail reduced
Dad in a new relationship, a man challenging religious authority antipope
Demonstrated in front of church somewhere in France provence
Don't expect any of them to give you the bigger picture miniaturists
English army officer can be a pig elt
Female bad, not half, ending in shame eve
Finished on time and open to view overt
First Oscar is too much for opera singer tosca
Having a go at living without politicians belabouring
Hero, number one cricketer coming in for a drink libation
Minister losing head going to America, one on hazardous trip icarus
More cheerful right after cooking rich food chirpier
Need to take sick to one part of hospital entail
One legally controlled by a couple of letters? subtenant
Plan to have second person in apartment when the first has gone layout
Prince and king entertained by favourite after game rupert
Several people looking for shipwreck? divers
Significant wicket falling — score short of a hundred eighty
Songs to entertain bishop in ecclesiastical grounds glebes
Walking in a particular direction, overtake worker? passant
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