How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Cryptic Mar 24 2008

Carnival site, from our perspective, is disorderly RIOTOUS
Characters in front of queue, say, highly placed ATOP
Clean up in gambling event SWEEP
Destructive types in youth reversing into vehicles VANDALS
Displaced emigrants moving en masse STREAMING
Dramatic scenes involving perfect groom, or a best man? ANIDEALHUSBAND
Fool grasps nothing, namely TOWIT
Form of rule as yet without extravagance AUSTERELY
In reserved way, have fling with heartless lady SHYLY
Large numbers as maximum limits THOUSANDS
Mentor giving a duke means to save face ADVISOR
Not always the full amount reported by newspaper SOMETIMES
Nut from California incarcerated there PECAN
Office at the top in quiet dwelling PRESIDENCY
Onlooker caught in middle of the war, unfortunately WATCHER
Partnership behind American film WESTERN
People having religious authority that is concealing corrupt core THEOCRATS
Problem, in a way, with trade? Then improvise TRAFFICJAM
Provided gloss in bilingual edition FRENCHPOLISHED
Sails South to see how the land lies CANVASS
Scientist accepting gamble in play with tragic results MACBETH
Something newly conceived - of necessity, a child? INVENTION
Succeed in putting son in kindergarten, originally SINK
Switch pieces of Italian food for Spanish food TAPAS
Teach tricks to cats and dogs after short time TRAIN
Tree bark used by settlers MAYFLOWER
Unclear quality of work a financial centre goes after OPACITY
Useless member of team, one transferred by coach, perhaps PASSENGER
What some cross-Channel craft do in South coast resort? Right HOVER
Writer of poetry performed for audience DONNE
A party innocent, primarily - as has this? ALIBI
Actress's exit incomplete SWANSON
Are they dying to feature in three months? EMBERS
As one with pride seeking job, one perhaps will be secured LEONINE
Bag turned over, fitting slim mould DIECAST
Beneath sink, bladder filled by Arabian wino DIPSOMANIAC
Cat, one dog buries, 'Good one' inscribed - here? TOMBSTONE
Choose to frame individual for divine crime DEICIDE
Country has problem containing an Irish revolutionary SURINAM
Craft getting forward is carried by river EXPERTISE
Cutting sin out, confidence returns, or one steps in to help INTERCESSOR
Don't expect Oscar to find girl in a month OVERACT
Edict which binds you and me? PRONOUNCEMENT
Encouraging? It's held to be so! INSPIRITING
Fare-taking primary transport routes? OESOPHAGI
Fit of pique, possibly EQUIP
Foolish twins downed by popular murder ASSASSINATE
Formerly a light salad plant, and exported CRESSET
From a battle zone, I attack endlessly without question IRAQI
Gawping, as business leader with capital in process of folding RUBBERNECKING
Girl, posh, entering intimate area PAULA
Go round Italian capital - that was it! TURIN
Golfer improvising somewhat PRO
Great man faithful and good, but not strong CONSTANTINE
Import English article into China MEANING
In suspicious manner, little boy thrown from roof of church in Anchorage? ASKANCE
In-form favourite? TEACHERSPET
Intended to hold name back FINANCE
Is it sung with less feeling? NUMBER
Labour supporter, given reshuffling of cabinet, riots OBSTETRICIAN
Language succeeded with a salutation (line one) SWAHILI
List beginning with H PERIODICTABLE
Loose ends in pinny I fasten - with this? SAFETYPIN
Lord of oratory about to summon one shaping material SCALLOPER
Lover virtually crushing married religious teacher SWAMI
Make-up given criticism - it was simply laughable SLAPSTICK
Male wearing possible number of goalkeeper, as a player may be? ONSTAGE
Monarch with one single robe KIMONO
Nervous about conclusion of conflict, so not getting involved? NEUTRAL
Obvious strain which wasn't bidden? OVERTRICK
One in a state when anorak blown up with TNT - doh! NORTHDAKOTAN
One place to keep king up in ancient Hebrew ISRAELITE
Opera, given chance to make comeback, short of harmony and musical direction MANONTROPPO
Order promotion of current rookie in force PRIORITISE
PM's heartless language to Parliament CHAMBERLAIN
Point puncturing shoe which is full of holes TEASTRAINER
Rob gets on with prayer REAVE
Shows up before being seen? SATELLITETELEVISION
So there's empathy between single people? Look who's talking! (2,5,3,2,4,3) ITTAKESONETOKNOWONE
State region detailed in song ARIZONA
The politician from hell cut to pieces DISMEMBER
Tick, as it appeared bordering a pattern MOSAIC
Transport first of bacteria, all as they are? BEACHBUGGY
Travel over snow miles over sea to exploit refrigerated product SKIMMEDMILK
Victor divorced wife - that's personal INNER
Wanting daughter, do coupling partners find this a disappointment? SON
Watch alumnus act as waiter OBSERVE
What's in bangers? Mixture of celery and gin! GLYCERINE
Wielding a pen, do jot finally - here NOTEPAD
Yellow, with yellow and white item, mutually dependent CHICKENANDEGG
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