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The Times - Cryptic Mar 24 2007

A team wearing black diamonds with one line shielding another COAXIAL
Attach peel loosely round a soft fruit PINEAPPLE
Be overformal or obdurate, with former sign of dreaming being suppressed STANDONCEREMONY
Board member direct from financial district EXEC
Business owner favouring publicity that is directed at resistance PROPRIETOR
Celebrated about vocal support from the floor? REJOICED
Defensive structures to protect Republican article and not hinder members FOREPARTS
Delicacy surrounding one hollow night with its opposite DAINTY
Earful of Nabucco, say, in tenor's opening with higher voice TALKINGTO
Elopers've exercised and wake up late OVERSLEEP
Gelatin product used for photograph ASPIC
German mathematician with no capacity for the bottle? KLEIN
Grass costs UK bucks TUSSOCK
Insulting coach, I have to support ace ABUSIVE
Involving muck but little brass? DIRTCHEAP
Is dying to confess without one's verbalising EXPRESSING
Land recalled in fairy stories SYRIA
Language of extreme letters brought up passion AZERI
Late hours happening before about the middle of the month EVENTIDES
Learned about short break aboard South Africa railway SCHOLARLY
Lustrous, apart from first thing in the morning? EARLY
Pirandello perhaps flouting his Six Characters individually being lost LUIGI
Pottery fragment revealed by spades with effort SHARD
Raised edges of teak in modelled work surface DESKTOP
Restore assistant covering transgression up REPLENISH
Ring, by means of stirring Act I, is this OPERATIC
Smoke Channel Islands fish CIGAR
Start to spread news about obstruction and close off precarious situation SWORDOFDAMOCLES
This tart is the reverse of chic, according to talk QUICHE
Whip female out of priesthood? FLAY
A copper pocketed by boy after six - something for the journey VIATICUM
A farewell to embrace fellow heading off with companion in sudden rush AVALANCHE
A movement that can add to a deep divide? CONTINENTALDRIFT
A superior gun, it having the latest in fine metallic material AUSTENITE
A sweetheart gets caught in nook ALCOVE
Be resolute and always use 'dice' as a singular? NEVERSAYDIE
Bird's bar RAIL
Bit of a song involving King Cole in school SNATCH
Bit of machine is something carried by poster maybe and left in box? TREADLE
Cats and dogs maybe cross over slab at threshold DOORSTEP
Cattle without water NEAT
Choice faced by a Democrat in process to select candidate ADOPTION
Collapsing, being deficient in fight BLACKINGOUT
Comprehensive girl about to throw up GLOBAL
Computer documents providing contact with public favoured by spivs PRINTOUTS
Cunning politician, a civil male strangely hard inside MACHIAVELLI
Divers making spectacular descents in the sound PEARLERS
Does the man's little hospital have drug? HASHISH
Dominate, having done with beast OVERBEAR
Enthusiasm shown by old boys meeting OBSESSION
Game for children in break SNAP
Half-hearted composer, fellow exhibiting charm TALISMAN
He has his work cut out making a living? SCULPTOR
He is held by porter at gate in new part of hospital OPERATINGTHEATRE
Hollow look associated with dull negotiator DIPLOMAT
Ineffectual person's sound as rock DRIPSTONE
Instructing leaderless crowd on phone ORDERING
Japanese person - excellent character met in Greece AINU
Liquor makes English poet almost totally foul - litre disposed of! EAUDEVIE
Mad steps ending in woe possibly STAMPEDES
Making a decision to discourage a dying industry DETERMINING
Man who could compose notes in rare blend LEONARDBERNSTEIN
Mark noticed something in playground SEESAW
Message confirming safety without any ambiguity ALLCLEAR
Offal dish needs a little such as lettuce HASLET
Painter at home until lunchtime, stuck into job POINTILLIST
Philosopher's form of Buddhism getting round ZENO
Put down cover to protect article LAID
Remedies he concocted, having included Pluto initially in planetary books EPHEMERIDES
Rob not allowed to hear the musicians STEELBAND
Rolls for the family? Maybe, if I earn the cash! BREADWINNER
Russian city is all right - you need papers to enter it? OMSK
Sample from inferior writer, not major one TASTER
Scratchy materials I have for digging into an alloy ABRASIVES
Security is on the up in terminal DEPOSIT
Sensitive - yet bubbly, in a way? THINSKINNED
Show the right film to get in the money PRETENCE
Sign of distress when predator springs out TEARDROP
Sort of film that brings not just the house down? BLOCKBUSTER
Sort of light in passage - bump into it GASLAMP
Special room in ship at sea for one exhibiting corespondence ISOMORPH
The one to watch in the exams INVIGILATOR
Tirade with nursemaid about to become purple AMARANTH
Trendy, that's the lady with one mass of hair - she expects to succeed INHERITRESS
Using two wheels? That's no good on one island BIKINI
Very friendly, like stupid people carrying bags marked 'Swag'! ASTHICKASTHIEVES
Wild revel gives soldiers good end to day ORGY
With other people around this place is heavenly ETHEREAL
Working hard - spending pounds or this? SAVING
X indicating that the end is nigh? KISSOFDEATH
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