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The Times - Cryptic Mar 17 2012

A merciless-sounding build-up ACCRUAL
A small scale record that needs revising TETRACHORD
Aid to progress, one bordering streets round Essex town STEPPINGSTONE
Alluvium from French river's just what's needed DEPOSIT
American uncle quietly crossing wide marshy tract SWAMP
Barking it ate all our vegetable casserole RATATOUILLE
Beast of burden taking heroin below deck PACKHORSE
Bond's disappointing score, by no means to be spoken of! LOVEKNOT
Change announced by bishop possibly painting in church ALTARPIECE
Consider reduction in French composer's fee DELIBERATE
Convulsed, as wealthy Hebrideans may be, say? ROLLINGINTHEAISLES
Doubt regularly over part of play being offensive OBSCENE
Dynamic woman taking healthy food on time VIBRANT
Ebullience in fives sees fun spoilt EFFUSIVENESS
Extremely archaic containers damaged across the water TRANSOCEANIC
First of sixes secured by Irish team's opener CORKSCREW
Horse chestnut shoots do it when still alive! (4,2,1,6,3) COMETOASTICKYEND
Inspector Lynley's first scrap? MORSEL
It's made of paste? Her one isn't, surprisingly RHINESTONE
It's predictive of a month on a river AUGURAL
Lament turning over 60% of narrow hilltop DIRGE
Like a cold animal's companion on lake in Lincoln? CATCHABLE
Like stories a lad once told primarily when travelling ANECDOTAL
Little rascal in top that's transparent LIMPID
Man concealing a gun in Tower Hamlets area EASTEND
Measure once used to cut particular screw PROPELLER
Old park-keeper's unknown source of fruit ORANGERY
One may blow a fuse, having limited space for racing! SHORTCIRCUIT
Poser mostly set during short course PSEUD
Prepare one's sole course? Not exclusively (4,5,4,2,3) HAVEOTHERFISHTOFRY
Prodigal son reportedly put plant in enclosure SPENDTHRIFT
Promote union in Indo-European language PUSHTU
Rider suffering fate, albeit right outside AFTERTHOUGHT
Rubbish dropped by a new dam, perhaps? LITTER
Saga with largely unemotional content, like Paul's work EPISTOLIC
Saint using extract from Job as illustration BASIL
Sent out, having dropped glove in rising river EMITTED
Shade provided by upward slope behind church CERISE
Share coal, possibly, lacking energy down in the dumps DOLEFUL
She tempted a prince, one escorted to the north DELILAH
Sort of building workers may consider inadequate? LOWRISE
Sudden demand for product from plant RUSH
Sue takes keys to visit church BESEECH
The Spanish embroider in this place — or another ELSEWHERE
They all leave river, heading off chase EXEUNT
They're more profuse than Hamlet's folk TOWNSPEOPLE
To go wrong is to be interrupted by constant alarm bell TOCSIN
Type of conduct ultimately occurring during sweethearts' scraps LEFTOVERS
Unlike a rocker's regular girlfriend? STEADY
Unsettled, defer personal contribution to jazz gig PUTOFFONESSTRIDE
Vessel peacekeepers originally boarded during attack GUNBOAT
Vexatious, diamonds being taken from Bogarde's residence in 53! IRKSOME
What a thought may do to one commander's dog OCCUR
What TV needs, we hear, evoking the spirit of Shakespeare ARIEL
What usher initially associated with judge — he drove furiously JEHU
Where Chaucer's wife lived, carrying about drug to inhale INBREATHE
Where climbers may scale a mountain, as it would appear (2,3,4,2,2) ONTHEFACEOFIT
Where diggers may be in a state, sadly AUSTRALASIA
Wild flower, say, in black hole on green BUTTERCUP
Worker catching a disease — something going round Panama? HATBAND
A driver under instruction to go beyond green light at junction NODAL
A fair rate possible, and easily applied? CLIPON
Abridged course for dog trainer PAVLOV
African winger's defensive blunder — no way back DRONGO
Belting coat stops small, powerful draught SMACKING
Bloomer when stretcher-bearer's caught in shower briefly ASPHODEL
Cheers the regular stopping of farcical goals ACCLAIMS
Fashionable range no longer in yellow CHIC
For now, mostly fat round maidens like women-only bars ASYMMETRIC
For some time after the holidays perhaps, observe this dance TANGO
Hollow victory's sign in Russian leader elect's agitation VENTRICLE
Italian picture-maker an irrational figure on the edge LIPPI
Lag around chimney edge leaving space for plug COLUMNINCH
Learned Muslim's warm word in response to dentist MULLAH
Line in general not normally something to get a reaction ALLERGEN
Man maybe follows where daughter's gone? ISLE
Mirage of old distracted Lilliputians & co OPTICALILLUSION
Miss shot to put on jacket? COVERGIRL
Poet to dig deeply with single spade perhaps around lake LOVELACE
Refer to spin in trite, dull, anticlimax ALLUDE
Showed a permit that is required initially to collect stray dog AIREDALETERRIER
Showers of seconds, etc. come mostly served with cocktails ATOMICCLOCKS
The works outing's beginning west of a Scottish town ALLOA
Town or county councillor in his section of study MACCLESFIELD
Unknown quantity coming in ruled after revolution, making his name DENZIL
Was unfaithful wife to brief deranged lord and journalist? CUCKOLDED
Withdrew when about to invade pitch, perhaps — half-hearted act RESCINDED
Without book, new CD could be stopped OCCLUDED
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