How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Cryptic Mar 04 2019

Article on extremely mundane subject theme
Boil these bursting with energy seethe
Cause supporting activist's last crime treason
College boy in complete agreement unison
Doctor, for example, initially studying remains dregs
Dog working sheep mutton
Evidence of pressure or bias, strangely isobar
Get through gap between peaks pass
Good and ready to complain gripe
Heavily criticise attack on new pub upbraid
Immediately visiting top tourist attraction at first sight
Insincere, each person in review shallow
Learned European, insulting about Italian erudite
Musical instrument from India carried by celebrity sitar
Plumbing company's directors off whom one can bounce ideas? sounding board
Put a stop to public relations incident prevent
Ray’s fuss about crooked rep torpedo
Reference book finally reduced atlas
Relish not working — severe scolding results dressing-down
Slyness of the salt at sea stealth
Spoil attractive person dish
Trendy little drink I had in flat insipid
Vessel from Kenya or Tanzania aorta
With less rain final should be played, by rights in all fairness
A bit of skirt? Excuse me! ahem
A foursome of neighbouring characters welcoming an Asian afghani
Asian elephant originally in sacred text korean
Aware of batting side in cricket in on
Boats — those docking? cutters
China vague on visiting US author capo di monte
Classes immediately below those in geography, lacking phyla
Cold and windy, anything in desert draughty
Convoluted clue I saw, explained elucidated
Cuts fish silversides
Dancing sailor not twisting torsional
Don't allow man up the pole barking
Exciting thing a chore? That's not right — very exciting! high-octane
Fair Isle's fool returns passable
Figure very important to dismiss Head eighty
Floor, from which relation picked up? storey
Fresh item in handbag? lippy
Friendly football game? There’s a fight after knock on the head kickabout
Get to make out see
God, I sat on nails! poseidon
Hairy what comes before x-ray, with radius breaking whiskery
Hanging Gardens ultimately seen in Cornish town loose
Hard, always, to upset toff yah
Many East German leaders caught by hero legion
Not fashionable — but striking? out
Render coarse gallows humour initially in French city roughen
Resist young man buck
Rodent killer pumped with hydrogen gas chat
Small-timer working as wheel turner? millstream
Well up above church, moonshine hooch
Zero in store after a reverse, marks for bridge game? poohsticks
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