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The Times - Cryptic Mar 02 2013

A seaman stole this empty wagon BOATSWAIN
Ads showing a different water softener WASHINGSODA
Approximate place for pitchers BALLPARK
Basin I'd stowed in punt BIDET
Chain letter read out on the radio SIERRA
Check Crabbe's most successful works BLOCKBUSTERS
Coarse show entertaining the Spanish INDELICATE
Criminal to pinch rare bat CHIROPTERAN
Cuts regularly depleted birdseed? That's not true! LOPSIDED
Debut of Parisian filmmaker working with leading lady to produce screen version? ADAPTATION
Don't panic — little boy is going nowhere BECALMED
Drifters move rapidly, not getting back on board and not rising ZOOPLANKTON
Eliot revised end of Middlemarch, adding one chapter from an early period EOLITHIC
Engine driver passes over eastern line DIESEL
English maidens associated with county sets EMBEDS
Events missed by those who have retired ALLNIGHTERS
Excitedly shouting, Red Guards may do this RIDESHOTGUN
Film producer shows where Maggie Tulliver was drowned in river DEMILLE
Flower that's extremely attractive in glass PAEONY
Game characteristic of cassowary PIGINTHEMIDDLE
Going round Niamey (not New York), having left messages EMAIL
Greek saint heals wound THESSALIAN
Hooded cloak from old university retained by poet BURNOUS
I worried about US university supplying copy IMITATE
In the open air with fleece and cap OUTDO
Indigenous Australian bird rejected island KOORI
king calling for some mulled wine EDWIN
Lacking power, fly from new goods packed in salt perhaps? HANGGLIDE
Le Fanu's uncle is turning up with girl briefly SILAS
Licence required after introduction of potassium bromide PLATITUDE
Lights etc? Not on a lake! OFFAL
Losing capital, reformer and writer never seem to stop king ... UTHERPENDRAGON
Male given drink becomes more cheerful BUCKSUP
Mark and Del taken aback? Rose is happy as Larry TICKLEDPINK
Mass held by priests for harvest festival LAMMAS
Material used for clothes horse brought back the answer BARATHEA
Most spruce mizzenmasts miles away at sea SNAZZIEST
Obvious argument for one in suit PLAINTIFF
Off course when meeting carrier ASTRAY
Perhaps double-dealing doctor saves NHS ink KNAVISHNESS
Posh girls tucked into a North Riding appetizer ANGELSONHORSEBACK
Purchase lots of sheets, say, for ancient craft BIREME
Quiet supporter impressed by the Queen's old-fashioned humour PHLEGM
Rows about stray dogs TERRIERS
Scratching head, look for weapon LANCE
Seaside attraction: hollowed-out cave to run through PIERCE
See pottery: dished plate STEREOTYPE
Seized legally, as policeman's taught DISTRAINED
Society caring for many insects SWARM
Songbird with duck in court during case TROUPIAL
Staggering, last two in horse race son has entered SENSATIONAL
Stolen credit card may be processed thus SWIPED
Stop row about Greek character DETAIN
Stores without liquor — they'll bring back memories KEEPSAKES
Suddenly reveal source SPRING
Times leader backing paper qualification is tactful one DIPLOMAT
Tobacco tin on old hat SNOUT
Unenthusiastic leader of party in parliament shown up TEPID
Victorian protesters win local guarantee after regrouping ANTICORNLAWLEAGUE
Welsh town endlessly entering contest to produce a poem VILLANELLE
Who ate meal if playing ball? WHALEOFATIME
Wounded animal rolls over under stone STUNG
Annoying to be deprived of goods as tips spent ALLIN
Becoming less like home, last of the grand houses EASING
Bothered to grip one of the clubs perhaps taken with driver CARJACKED
Bows, a bit upset, withdrawing quietly ARCS
Bring a friend from time to time OCCASIONALLY
Delegate's blooming cheek, some might say OUTSOURCE
Doctor going about in a tie's making for gay bars GINPALACES
Drop in returns putting one in the shade LILAC
Explorer's knife roughly made out by leader of search-party SHACKLETON
Fellow netting in a locally organised league once HOLYALLIANCE
Female with light coat's observed in cinema FLICKS
First light haystack, then run into farm animal COCKCROW
Girl one spies across pond by a lake ALICIA
Girls briefly follow Jan's predecessor, standing down DECLASSE
Huge blow when deducted points go to the other side in sport CYCLOCROSS
Lead ball ultimately something used to pot swallows CLUE
Leaves for snow caps of Caucasus or Central Asia COCA
One might get down to this business of investigating? DISCO
Poor creatures that are moved around on prayer mats? CHURCHMICE
Shooting scene that's wheeled out from popular rock opera OKCORRAL
Spurn introduction to restaurant critic's piece on dessert? REPUDIATE
Stuff to prepare hastily for the paper CRAM
Take casing for electric clutch roughly, fetching pipe down CUTTHECACKLE
Tap round key in unusual musical timepiece CAESIUMCLOCK
The state of New Jersey's carrier? INCALF
Tug is white, coming from Germany to tour island HOICK
Used train to arrive at square OLDSCHOOL
Verity's gold-bound mini-volume, lively and entertaining ACCURACY
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