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The Times - Cryptic Jun 28 2008

... neglected, hit by a vehicle RUNDOWN
A container that's been opened AJAR
Added one's name - no good, that's undated SINEDIE
Always outside, I will become worse EVILLER
Assume chamber to be in session POSIT
Bill and whimsical Ned are on good terms ACQUAINTED
Book, the second by detective MOBYDICK
Bullet bouncing back from the croc I shot RICOCHET
Cavalryman's horse acquired originally in the Soviet Union HUSSAR
Character of state suppressed by judge REFERENCE
Come to conclusion about America's tea maker INFUSER
Confusion arising when key is changed in street PELLMELL
Dead on time? Not quite LATE
Demanding princess, very noisy one, joining sect DIFFICULT
Entertainer runs in at first at beginning of evening ARTISTE
Facing a quiet god ASHLAR
Fairground attractions - it doesn't matter which you choose SWINGSANDROUNDABOUTS
Finally learnt motive for crime TREASON
Finish cake off outside Northern German city, basically INESSENCE
Fits two together incorrectly, to lose out (3,3,5,2,2) GETTHEWORSTOFIT
Fly from policeman BLUEBOTTLE
Fool your boy with ancient language ASSYRIAN
Further northward, island to north-east ENABLE
Graph etched incorrectly - it could cause a lot of damage DEPTHCHARGE
Guilty, perhaps, of purloining little, everyday articles, initially PLEA
Gun vehicle - listen to little sound first HARQUEBUS
Helping to carry out survey in turn DOLLOP
I'm buttery, liquid - and SEVENTY YTTERBIUM
I'm parched so in need of treatment and friendliness COMRADESHIP
Imp makes king leave citadel for good GREMLIN
Implement, you say, almost capable of being stretched UTENSIL
In part, Indian city's backing David PSALMIST
Inch margin EDGE
Island inhabited by a single soldier COLONEL
It helps drawing level after a number of games SETSQUARE
Killer whale gobbles one horse up, that's natural ORGANIC
Kingdom given money from Brazil, millions REALM
Loss of honour - girl's king is followed by higher card DISGRACE
Madcap survived a long time, then died, after retirement DAREDEVIL
Maintenance completed on tower UPKEEP
Part of pantomime rugby player and daughter enjoyed right from the start HARLEQUINADE
Pharaoh bearing sheep around RAMESES
Plant found in two valleys heading north VALERIAN
Political doctrine leaderless miner's called into question WHIGGERY
Prophet's piece of artwork MOSAIC
Pushed under the door, it's the start of something bigger (3,4,3,2,3,5) THETHINENDOFTHEWEDGE
Question old woman about son having relations with friend from France CROSSEXAMINE
Remnant of bonfire in Queen's honour EMBER
Resolute police get in on the act DECIDED
Ring one bird, a native of Australia BANDICOOT
See it! A very different kind of show VARIETY
Start cutting down cloth WINCE
Steps game administrator's added RUMBA
Stupid man, joining road that's very ... ASSAI
Such service left by a serviceman OVERARM
Supply me with a helper, staying for a little while EPHEMERAL
Terribly upset when deprived of a right to freedom LIBERTY
Unable to relax, or see at all, I cracked up ILLATEASE
Up in the air, or under the table? HIGHASAKITE
Water rat I consider to some extent unpredictable ERRATIC
Whitewash at one time used in serene hospital department CONCEALMENT
Wrestling, I'd add a lot, having ill-matched opponents DAVIDANDGOLIATH
A maiden soldiers love so tenderly AMOROSO
English cheat has no trouble getting dictionary copied ECHOED
Fanaticism of a command I try deviously to get round RABIDITY
Gathering of the very young in Am Dram Soc? PLAYGROUP
Getting across winter terrain? It's killing, they say SLEIGHING
Green wall up to protect revolutionary army IMMATURE
Heavenly figure hasn't succeeded in prayer ORION
Horse in vile race unsettled its noble rider? CHEVALIER
Hundred drowning in waterway of Swiss region CANTONAL
In pouring rain parcel deliverer's found blessed release NIRVANA
King's daughter to fill a vacancy at Burlington House ELECTRA
Labour excessively — it's murder DOTODEATH
Loutish girl not on time, holding boy up LADETTE
Love goddess has fine philosopher bowled over FREYA
Modern musician's protection for the ears RAPPER
New car phone with email and something to take pictures PINHOLECAMERA
Night light sailor follows initially DOGSTAR
Not fit? Have forty winks in little 'ouse UNAPT
Nothing in Russian writer? There's a huge amount! GOOGOL
Old-timer's got a shake - medical consultant needed DERMATOLOGIST
One may find copper in underground operation METALDETECTOR
Ready to bat but not opening, as seemed reasonable ADDEDUP
Reckon only a small number will be in hell INFERNO
Rubbish written about one computer game TIPCAT
Separated, yet up for coming round to social event TEAPARTY
Support church gives couple BRACE
Theologian to make mishaps appear as designed THOMASAKEMPIS
Yet little time is needed for deliberation THOUGHT
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