How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Cryptic Jun 07 2014

A mostly outspoken fool, a Republican one is soft but thick-skinned AVOCADOPEAR
A woman touring Irish county SHIRE
Advantageous position during digression INSIDETRACK
Agents receiving praise to make a name for women CLAUDIA
An early meal, dropping middle section to the side ABREAST
Audio advertisement'll be confusing ADDLE
Banger slice eaten by someone foolish JALOPY
Barrage before new blast DAMN
Beauty, first female, then large and untidy DISHEVEL
Calculus papers, any number in core principle of policy KIDNEYSTONE
Call of songbird in Henley's interior ENTITLE
Celebration of long match, hardest in nature? DIAMONDWEDDING
Cold War personification seizes large area of land ACRES
Cop's out on manoeuvres, one that's heavily armed? OCTOPUS
Designation involving heat, primarily THERM
Drastically prune debt notices after temporary accommodation is airless? UNPRETENTIOUS
End civil engineer's time out of post CESSATION
Entitled number brought up duke whenever required ONDEMAND
Excited at tied-up gift APTITUDE
Excursion round centre of biblical city on the Mediterranean TRIPOLI
Expecting a sweet delivery? INTHEPUDDINGCLUB
Extend front of cantilever in supporting plane PROJECT
Faulty apparatus taking out a ride BADGER
Fetch up small bench SPEW
Finish chapter about Democrat in what you're reading CONCLUDE
Fish move around ice SKATE
Found fault with dash, misused in Waugh novel AHANDFULOFDUST
Fruity drink catalogue promotion is in Old English ORANGEADE
Give honour to bachelor in a lower degree BLESS
Good example of European cupola turned into a cylinder? ROLEMODEL
Hot off the stove top, temperature value is over 180 degrees OBTUSE
Indicate sincerity, angry over cut in take-home income CROSSONESHEART
Inverted partial integral needed to scale up ENLARGE
It's hairy in certain places where West Indian drive starts? GOATEE
Jumps over fences initially under a cloud STRATUS
Land area is inside Washington city SEATTLE
Legal document from resort stopping someone renting portable shelter LETTERSPATENT
Maybe bovine needs to be cultivated DENSE
Middle-class tale is a riot, almost repeated AGASAGA
Most of Spanish region spanning circuit in Balearics, the island group ARCHIPELAGO
Mysterious rise of disavowing quiet oppressor in Scientology UNEXPLAINED
Need PC? Need to develop trust DEPENDENCE
Net charge capped by hospital department ENTRAP
No old-style lodging I check shows artlessness NAIVETY
One lives near beach retreats with trees to restore houses HARBOURSEAL
One of flock playing characters in the (little) Old Vic CHEVIOT
One supports burning wood as well as metal ANDIRON
Perhaps chauffeur runs vehicle amid scenery SERVANT
Pitched appeal hard, accepting employer's lead just after that THEREWITH
Prepare inadequately for test as a reserve? UNDERSTUDY
Property contract when occupying shelter LEASE
Returning catch in southern ocean, did Welsh show degraded condition? DEGENERATENESS
Rough demonstrators mark bent UK cops MOCKUPS
Selection of antipasti -- cheese medley? PASTICHE
Shame son in taunt over ethnic group DISGRACE
Short essays about British social set TRIBE
Society dismissive to the West in Middle Eastern country SYRIA
Soil in rising Scottish mountain, an example that's quite dirty NEARTHEBONE
Soprano possibly flat, the same in repose, to speak plainly (4,1,5,1,5) CALLASPADEASPADE
Tree set up by first-class planner for Regent's Park MOUNTAINASH
What's not odd for Sabine spy, traitor backing Rome's betrayer? TARPEIA
Writer seen around street café BISTRO
A crime lab rebuilt, using two houses BICAMERAL
A lot of stars as well as unknowns supporting festivity GALAXY
Accordingly including clue for traditional faith SHINTO
Composer and dramatist abridged a piece of fiction NOVELLA
County taking part in meaningless exercise ESSEX
East European holding parts of film to screen, more or less ECLIPSE
Ends from what you hear in revolutionary act TURN
Equipment soldier put on rickety airplane outside hospital PARAPHERNALIA
Excelling in status, was faster than man on board OUTRANKING
Faith is what's central to belief covered by tract RELIGION
Fowl, including rook, duck, and wading bird HERON
Friendly daughter I dressed in pink, sort of CORDIAL
Generally incomplete, with dope and everything switched, it produces nasty reaction ALLERGEN
Get older kind of contract, a factor in Scotland AGENT
Grilling from a lot of lawyers and copper in person BARBECUING
Here is how the French put it, with minimal friendliness ICIEST
Holy men, being extremely selective, perform religious works HYMN
How to combine handles, for example, with short line HYPHENATE
It's introduced before end of term merriment HILARITY
Kind of treatment one can't have GROUPTHERAPY
Let out clutch and reverse vehicle HATCHBACK
Nut finally put on bolt – that's right? TRIVET
Part of table no longer needed – in short, it's a piece of wood LOGARITHM
Pressure in satellite wrong, leading to a lot of illness PESTILENTIAL
Studying this should help you get the next answer THEOLOGY
Supporting church, in a way – after short time, I object TITHING
What gets waiter angry, upset, is something upwardly mobile type hammers home PITON
With maximum speed, somehow send on report as journalist CORRESPONDENT
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