How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Cryptic Jun 02 2012

16 divided into two allowed BRACELET
A scale that may be difficult, subject to instrument MATTERHORN
A sweet way of speaking — the French have it, unlike us ACUTEACCENT
Admitting Catholic to hospital, remain very formal STARCHY
After heart transplant, primate is slower to act TARDIER
Article about my fruit cup ACORN
Books to check in study picked up and marked NOTCHED
Boy's picture given to year book (3,8,2,1,4) THEPORTRAITOFALADY
Brickie holds it right inside drier TROWEL
Can everything be ready to put away? ISOLATE
Clay given attention afterwards EARTHEN
Coventry, say: its heart was torn out and then it was put back CITY
Decided to kick a selfish habit GREED
Dig for food GRUB
Dirty people commonly showed unhappiness UNSWEPT
Disturbingly, he calls suddenly at your address HECKLER
Encourage people after a period to come in character TEMPERAMENT
Everyone has a coach for Shakespearean speech (3,3,6,1,5) ALLTHEWORLDSASTAGE
Experimenting with being bothersome, and dismissed TRYINGOUT
Fine look, fresh, around start of spring, thus? FLORESCENT
From Ferrara, Italian cucumber dish RAITA
Gas attack in progress — I fell RADON
Half of mankind less prejudiced? THEFAIRERSEX
Highlander, sickly, seen tottering around NEPALESE
I agree extremely swiftly to make return journey ODYSSEY
Implement holding back payment for warder BEEFEATER
In greater ferment, agreement to row about son YEASTIER
Information about Cockney's obsession with cheese? BRIEFING
Is it in our change, after getting back from France? EURO
Knight, say, under spell in old play PERIODPIECE
Make fuss of mistake somewhat over book featuring this creature PETERRABBIT
Material advance quickly announced SERGE
Maximum progress through the clouds? FULLSTEAMAHEAD
More than one bird perishes on incline NODDIES
Neglect old man — cat's back PASSUP
No natural shape for tricky group MAGICCIRCLE
Office workers maybe fools to accept notice CHARLADIES
One clinic finally taken by one sort of surgeon, not distinguished IDENTICAL
One country in Africa, more than half a state IDAHO
One group of workers get in a twist, seeing such lords SPIRITUAL
Painter I left in charge of ship TITANIC
Perhaps camouflage struggle to get clothes on BATTLEDRESS
Prisoner, casual to the end in court, showing this? CONTEMPT
Prophet introduces himself, having to speak better AMELIORATE
Quantity of action got in the mechanicals' play? Yes and no LIONSSHARE
Reappraise the left, turning into brothers PRERAPHAELITES
Resolve tension and obtain permission for song? CLEARTHEAIR
Service personnel in a spot get decoration ADORNMENT
Show an attempt to understand piece of writing PAGEANTRY
Showing decorum, but terribly partial to rich spread RUMBUTTER
Singular mongrel endlessly in the dirt SMUT
So strong to shift this amount GROSSTON
Speak out, implying one would allow appeal? PROCLAIM
Start to chat to a centre of fashion about finery CAPARISON
Team is first to broadcast together LEEDSUNITED
Tito sounding impudent GOBBI
Two together eating cold mess BOTCH
Very dry at end of June in garden: much taken BESOTTED
With lover initially involved, I identify troubled marital problem INFIDELITY
Work furiously in salaried post PARADISELOST
Announcing grand party, shout BAWL
Banker receives a club LEANDER
Big person secures large shoe FLATTY
By airline, masses transported here? LASERENISSIMA
Caveman offers a bit of fish to girl FINGAL
Class doing simple task that's put up on the wall CLADDING
Creature, a domestic one almost APE
Don't carry on with heartless cherub: charming! PUTONICE
Don't participate, nursing depression: do you want to speak? SPITITOUT
Drunkard's in the vicinity, showing defiant expression SOTHERE
Energy is needed to hold shape LIVELINESS
Fatal ruin — one copes, somehow PERNICIOUS
For silver in large quantity, one's beginning to transmute lead PROTAGONIST
I decline to pick up rings TORI
I'm lucky to hit this card, having backed high JACKPOT
Impossible to see where hat could be ABOVEONESHEAD
In advanced age, nervously turning traitor RENEGADE
Judge hopes to reform dreamer JOSEPH
Lose temper and breathe hard, but it's not serious FLIPPANT
Not so calm when earring is damaged ANGRIER
Plane is to crash-land NEPAL
Some bug has got round modern equipment that provides services LITURGY
Sort of bun is different, dunked into tea CHELSEA
Sort of vote to go so mad in America POSTAL
Spotted what sounds trite, commonly ACNED
Time is useful, having to get over a natural barrier THEALPS
Took a single position in society, away from king RAN
Untidy hair put up over piece of material: our style POMPADOUR
What makes boarders cold at night, the sweet little things? DORMICE
Worked hard to accept what's badly made using old technology STEAMDRIVEN
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