How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Cryptic Jul 12 2014

After this stain, Ken poses a question of Scottish recognition DYE
An Indian royal youth with month to raise Mexican city GUADALAJARA
Baked dish having smooth skin with patches PIEBALD
Bend terms of legacy with mischief in mind? ARCHLY
Benefit enjoyment is exhausting -- where names goes, I'm not sure FUNDRAISER
Company try local area network around Spanish region COSTABLANCA
Daughter has entered hospital with mounting fatigue, cut off DISINHERIT
Did reel cut end of Far from the Madding Crowd? SWAM
Frenchman's from hereditary unit with naughty corruption DEGENERACY
Grey colour like hard wood ASH
Judge with viewpoint leading to clash JANGLE
Long to receive important viewer's complaint PINKEYE
Males fired after wrecking principle of union FEDERALISM
Note law overturned by politician: it seeks reduction in visitors FATCAMP
Online recording of old Washington in bygone days PODCAST
Opera with debut for baritone as replacement for and alternative to bass? TURBOT
Ornamental vessel erected near university URN
Person getting to top in his career EXECUTIONER
Practise Buddhism with reduction in sleep DOZE
Pressure on lead for Scotland Yard to keep revolutionary excited PSYCHED
Pretty pasture, empty, with loose rock around SHAPELY
Provide fill-in music's volume with sound equipment VAMP
Staff unhappy about insurance's core building cover MANSARD
Stick hairpiece on back to front TWIG
Stop short among a range of goods, hooked AQUILINE
Storyteller possibly tone-deaf? Not entirely BLYTON
Switching heads, chap needing a shave maybe said a prayer HAILMARY
Tablet, one not rejuvenating, spoils taker PILLAGER
Timber in winch behind colonist who collects pieces ANTHOLOGIST
Volunteers on new beat TAN
Wayward lass put in religious building STPAULS
What island stocks is old, therefore preservative is the answer CREOSOTE
A northern tribe can start to operate at a leisurely pace ANDANTINO
African mammal drivers run over crossing road AARDWOLF
Alert writer: hollow entry in dictionary OPENEYED
Around autumn abroad mine finally faces hidden dangers PITFALLS
At home in tragic role involving one dimension only LINEAR
Attractive employment jockeys aim for? WINNINGPOST
Badly erring males: they swing the lead MALINGERERS
Bound to relax before work LOLLOP
Choice soldiers right to stab guerrilla leader twice RECHERCHE
Clear up, being generous TIDY
Criticises translator of the Vulgate in speech KNOCKS
Cunning rebuff for speaker SLEIGHT
Damp and sticky like bivalve molluscs? CLAMMY
Distant source of income for trader at Billingsgate? STANDOFFISH
Disturbance engulfing papers for twenty-four hours FRIDAY
Drink the French prepared, entertaining cricket side LEMONADE
Dull family without energy, free from dirt DRYCLEAN
Eager to display grief KEEN
Enormous contribution to home game MEGA
European river of repute, it's said ODER
Expecting to meet with others taking in fools and tarts? INTHEPUDDINGCLUB
Father meeting charge for undertaking such responsibility? PARENTAL
Furnisher goes without one, needing more plastic SUPPLER
Getting on extremely laudably with church official ELDERLY
Great alarm, possibly, about overweight woman's ticker? GRANDFATHERCLOCK
Handcart in western bank next to cobbler's place WHEELBARROW
Haphazardly set up with high honour in advance RANDOMISE
Inspector's first attempt to arrest a villainous character IAGO
It may give us a shock, swimming in S America ELECTRICEEL
It sometimes blows its top before returning ETNA
It takes a spell to attain such delight ENCHANTMENT
Key figure emerging from hole on set, mysteriously CORNERSTONE
Like some horses the solver reportedly petted EWENECKED
Manipulate vessel, for example, going north across lake JUGGLE
Many start to navigate river: Beau Geste was one LEGIONNAIRE
Match made of tough polymeric material? RUBBER
Not out to get rioter thrown inside INTERIOR
Old king, English, accommodating important function very well OKEYDOKE
One can be fly and still die thus (4,2,1,6,3) COMETOASTICKYEND
One may lark about when among sailors JACKASS
Ornate writing of busy schoolgirl finally introduced to Head? COPPERPLATE
Part of river in Ellis Island ISIS
Politician with time to visit tradesman: he retails pork pies STORYTELLER
Production briefly touring old part of London's West End SOHO
Religious convert, one breaking up hostile encounter, say NEOPHYTE
Sci-fi character providing home for fox and fish EARTHLING
Sell products with clots here? It's ruined my career! CREAMERY
Showing ill humour, skipped the shortest course CROSSCUT
Sorry gull has lost tail tangling with ferret REGRETFUL
Speak impertinently to individual carrying key part of skeleton CHEEKBONE
Stone implements – this one badly cut by learner NEOLITHS
Strike like a snow leopard, quietly at first? POUNCE
There may be money in this Tamworth pile! PIGGYBANK
Timber producer thus about to cross source of Yangtze river SYCAMORE
Too mature to be excessively risqué OVERRIPE
Twiggy type getting flak as member of splinter group STICKINSECT
Ultimately you choose hols, perhaps, rather than this? SCHOOLHOUSE
Unbecoming comment from rugby player introducing himself before Queen IMPROPER
University invested in Lamb's complete essays? Praise be! ALLELUIA
World movement: what the French, say, are getting at? CONTINENTALDRIFT
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