How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Cryptic Jul 10 2004

. . . girl held back by minder exercising temporary control CARETAKER
A lunatic rambling about sailors NAUTICAL
All detailed to destroy sign by trail showing distance KILOMETRE
As a means of communication, I help one to read fluently RADIOTELEPHONE
Assessment of one's prospects in rustling? STOCKTAKING
Beauty develops without wrinkles COMELINESS
Before I arrived in England, spies' head established sleepers EARRINGS
Begin to jump START
Cheeky slave sent back to hospital FRESH
Composer hasn't succeeded with a Hindu god BRAHMA
Conduct liable to be punished - attempt to escape RUNFORIT
Conjectured audibly 'Who's been invited?' GUEST
Cosmetic surgeon might show mild disapproval RAISEANEYEBROW
Don't retaliate, just wiggle while mooning TURNTHEOTHERCHEEK
Dwarf goes underneath horse belonging to cowboy quick on the draw TRIGGERHAPPY
Five points ahead, eager to collect one other point SEAGOING
Flustered suitor approaches maiden in the travel business TOURISM
Forty-nine has a change of heart? Rubbish! DROSS
Go faster stripe? STREAK
Go out with girl . . . SALLY
Goodness! Most of this state is legendary MYTHICAL
He made bridge for castle wall BAILEY
Head of reptile LIZARD
Henry V, for instance, isn't a carnal play LANCASTRIAN
Historic manufacturer of champion keg EPOCHMAKING
I cry noisily for a sweet ICECREAM
Implied historian's not American TACIT
Improve vehicle PICKUP
Instrument - was it a rebec? Not altogether SITAR
It was used to measure two cereals BARLEYCORN
Journalist travelled up without it EDITOR
Letter that's old? Extremely OMEGA
Like vermouth, not a drug DIGITALIN
Maid who's new, yet well trained TWEENY
Main venue found in plane COCKPIT
New cost update required for takeover bids COUPSDETAT
One man in charge - not as you'd expect IRONIC
Pack up before discourse becomes complicated ELABORATE
Plant with a tube air damaged AUBRETIA
Political activists are stuffed with silver - payment for port's security? CELLARAGE
Previous performance of one song on disc TRACKRECORD
Recognise and do something about fungus ACCEPT
Recover consciousness up to climax COMETOAHEAD
Ruminant is no good out of the country ELAND
Services prepared for church before the beginning of September ARMEDFORCES
Something attracting interest by hiding nothing - cross-dressing player PRINCIPALBOY
Soprano gently hit note PATTI
Sort of question Butler, the fount of all knowledge, it's said RHETORICAL
Species with existence cut short following drug dose SPLIFF
Still maintain criminal is to die at last INANIMATE
Substitute second name for Big Dipper SWITCHBACK
Tailors prone to take part in commercials ADAPTS
The place to display ministers CABINET
The Winslow Boy didn't take what Bunter always expected POSTALORDER
This provides dates with a choice of men, and a loan to invest in transport GREGORIANCALENDAR
Transported soldiers to range TAKEN
Uniform of doctor on English ship DRESS
Vicious sanction imposed on prince LETHAL
Warning that half need to make provision for the future FORETHOUGHT
Weariness resulting from military chore FATIGUE
What choirman could produce? HARMONIC
Wise guy will use mouse without at any time beginning to dither CLEVERDICK
'One-nil' cheers the slightest bit IOTA
Aim ionizer roughly away from centre ZEROIN
Born big and developing to monster shortly? BROBDINGNAGIAN
Brash, having started at university JUMPEDUP
Confusion as guerrilla's first to muscle in almost drunk SCHEMOZZLE
Designer article from Paris in a modest setting ASHLEY
Everything goes under the hammer THELOT
Finally a non-drinker swallows gallons, getting drunk ATLONGLAST
Fluid taken over Lent, say, retaining energy for Easter perhaps MOVABLEFEAST
French writer picks university from map GIDE
Girl upset over another's Italian dishes LASAGNES
I used to stamp letter, finishing off with a kiss SEALINGWAX
Listen to skilled bowman and learn HEARTELL
Make poor devil complete his new form IMPOVERISH
Maybe taking taxi from driver concerned about lift CARJACKING
Miss who must manage her curlers? SKIP
One with following in Israeli parliament set out cuts KNIFES
Physicist spurning daughter, keeping wife at a distance FARAWAY
Prophet, for example, in such alternative clothes SOOTHSAYER
Race a moving influence on this philosopher? MILL
Rebellions stifling ambassador about to make dramatic turns COUPSDETHEATRE
Rocky, maybe, after clipping first fence OXER
Say nothing after policeman gives a piece of his mind? SUPEREGO
Shed, note, has surrounding frame MOULTED
So little to buy in a seaside town in two hours HAPORTH
Unconcluded peace keeps little fellow alert QUIVIVE
Use umbrella ultimately as shade AQUA
Very good guides find customer is not on board PATRONSAINTS
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