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The Times - Cryptic Jan 26 2013

A French wrongdoer, made to pay penalty and released UNCONFINED
Aircraft, one moving slowly leaving northern stretch of land, say SAILPLANE
American scientist determined to retire to Los Angeles TESLA
Ball reaches goal without display of skill from player ONETWO
Better avoid motorway excesses for a start, with rising oil price AMELIORATE
Capsized boat spotted, you say, where bathers congregate POOLSIDE
Company established by female in Rome, oddly FIRM
Cricketer to withdraw briefly before part of match EXTRACOVER
Crucial aspect of situation that's articulated by MND character BOTTOMLINE
Daughter and I settled in country area DOMAIN
Earth-shattering event is taking place in Kent area, close to Chatham SEISM
English musician's briefly written up impressive score? EAGLE
Family lawyer in America, sort of KINDA
Film buff, man from S Pacific island FANTASIA
Fish one spotted at far side of pond DACE
Going out together, divorcee and I an item, with husband out of the way EXITING
Going round station (except the front) you'll find place to get magazine PICTORIAL
Great aunts must accept an element of teasing TAUNT
I stand surrounded by people in military base INSTALLATION
Indicates parking at front of station that's free POINTSAT
Introduction for record on the radio PROLOGUE
It takes time to get into sculpture, as a rule STATUTE
Junk food SPAM
Key belonging to German city's church? OFTHEESSENCE
Knowing learners in class are into cannabis WELLINFORMED
Laboratory equipment ends up in river TESTTUBES
Lad — he can jive at length ... here? DANCEHALL
Laid up in bed, ship's officer will lose heart for sure ILLBEBOUND
Last man in trouble given protection of carer TAILENDER
Law court besieged by ten mean characters ENACTMENT
Most cheerful young woman consuming first of raspberry tarts CHIRPIEST
New designer clothing company given approval RECOGNISED
One raising strange issue of test paper being abandoned about middle of examination STEPPARENT
One talks quietly, facing dangerous creature PRATTLER
Popular boxer knocked over by heavyweight, training TONINGUP
Pressure to invest in market for a period SPELL
Profitable, unlike market at the end of the day? FRUITFUL
Programme showing misfortunes engulfing part of UK MINISERIES
Re-establishes control of country REINSTATES
Request chamber stays free for new partner BRIDEGROOM
Row about surgeon using superior kind of anaesthetic LIDOCAINE
Salt in excessive amount consumed by American GLUTAMATE
Scheme put forward by director once regarding land for crops PLANTATION
Shortly declare, shattered, for early bed CRADLE
Some teachers' grade making less sense? NUTTIER
Spooner's identifying safe where coins are placed by the way PARKINGMETER
Sported in mini, right away? SKIED
Streetwise children know this naïve kid will be in trouble taking ecstasy GREENCROSSCODE
Study problem with friend, showing great skill CONSUMMATE
Terrible lust is one sin Anglican church suppressed — as is this? LICENTIOUSNESS
Thomas Telford was known for promoting reconciliation BRIDGEBUILDING
Understanding shown by one new to teaching INTUITION
Unknown number of soldiers joining legion to capture key province, once NORMANDY
Unusual turn by initially confident male appearing in club TRUNCHEON
US private put up no resistance RYAN
Welsh entertainer's unusual look NOVELLO
Wild animal turned quite vicious? Not entirely CIVET
Woman providing a feast perhaps after noon NADINE
Worker exercises right to take part in a vote I organised OPERATIVE
Worries about the whole of Aden being destroyed are totally ignored FALLONDEAFEARS
A dancer, I judge cloud position by wind direction NIJINSKY
A girl left around the middle of the season AUTUMNAL
African whacks some Scotsman on the ear TANZANIAN
Alarm about family's use of cosmetics SKINCARE
Can't bear, using muscle, cut part off rhino? ABHOR
Endless coffee cups with whipped cream OFFWHITE
Generating station in centre of landfill that heated houses WINDFARM
Gong one rings initially looking daggers OBELI
Ill-fated cruise from Gibraltar to the Levant, perhaps, no-one boards DOOMED
Magnate looking up contact, after ships FATCAT
Old key for lift EXALT
One causing a reaction of fury, dismissing father and me ENZYME
Opening band dress down — a failing TEAROFFSTRIP
Opposed to reserving article for another time AGAIN
Playwright agreed with a pacifist after revolution OCASEY
Possible miss ruins odds in heat MARSHA
Purpose of broadcaster following champion on board? To be fired up SURFACETOAIR
Question novel avoids? Yes and no QUOVADIS
Racehorse that's discounted on list — it's beaten in advance DRUMROLL
Restricted height, a metre above street level HAMSTRUNG
Splitting a neat sound between verse and hymn VAMOOSING
Spouse of Queen and Prince on Thursday visits OTHERHALF
Standard way of addressing Queen touring hospital: I'm cured! PARMAHAM
This herb has couple turning in mouth-watering stuff SALVIA
Twice a year (weekly at first), supplying fruit PAWPAW
University hoping a trip can be arranged but not for a grand UPRIGHTPIANO
Upset after pivotal figure's put in the shade SHOCKINGPINK
What singers do, performing "The Ferryman" CHARON
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