How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Cryptic Jan 22 2018

A job so ungodly ultimately leading to giving up religion apostasy
Acceptable to house the Spanish cat feline
By comparison, small adolescent, say? That is right teenier
Charlie — old Berlin feature? Primarily yes wally
Conservative girl in charge — top quality! classic
Counting everyone home — a long list, just starting in all
Enthusiasm of Zoe, early regularly zeal
Event Hello! arranged? True on the level
Extremely prickly academic put out by London steel structure pylon
He might buy copper’s big book, dear in end customer
Ignoring resistance, made great effort to provide heater stove
In favour of note for example backing person aided by patronage protege
In speech greeting girl’s method of promoting cleanliness hygiene
Initially losing it, then irritated, spectators take legal action litigate
Long to be in environment of court prestige cachet
More annoyed seeing burden on monarch crosser
Never an artist, this girl? nora
Not half unearthing obsession? thing
Pig having short time inside pack stow
Reduced pace in Oslo monastery slo-mo
Retiree, pro, recollected standard works repertoire
Scarcity of daughters where we live? dearth
Substitute some tigers at zoo ersatz
Terribly vile leer — wake-up call reveille
Tetchy, I abandoned financial centre the city
Very rich, he drinks too much lush
A worry Hardy character bears without end tailless
Agent keeping general quiet sleepy
Almost all numbers to sort out — that's about a hundred to decipher unscramble
An oldie lacking resilience without backbone no spring chicken
As one wearing tie, proceed to the left together
Awful old English king secured by rope execrable
Bolted boxes gathering gas radon
Bracelet that’s right for sweater? wristband
Burning like something hot? as keen as mustard
Device that destroys a great deal bomb
Dissimilar to cricketer perhaps, not cricket? unsportsmanlike
Gracious virtue goodness
Grandee at fancy restaurant in the open air tea garden
Iberian character, Spaniard’s back in hat tilde
In front of both reactors and incinerators, waste bags during
Is this hotter than a smoking jacket? blazer
Island, not very far inch
Key Largo's ultimate voice alto
Measure of length in each book emma
Nelson has come around, in state of semi-consciousness somnolence
Nut to rip off part of the engine crankshaft
One following another into accident and emergency tandem
Shelf inside a flap that's raised in old weapon ballista
Show after bend what's in front of the driver windscreen
Small dog’s head, black dinky
Something clarified about crew on call in Bedfordshire town leighton buzzard
Twisted injury wound
Wind was single flute, perhaps? wineglass
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