How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Cryptic Jan 17 2019

A church service ace
A gin's knocked back in old Greek city sparta
Almost completely worthless collection of recordings album
Beginning to slip off harshest mountain everest
Encroaching navvies I suspect invasive
Faced a 50 lead, perhaps metal
Free toilets close to home loose
Here's a dog — keep out! peke
I'm taken up with the Queen in black and blue miserable
Italian citizen leaving front of Morecambe bay roan
Items subject to inflation? Bread is, surprisingly air beds
Mail from landlords? letters
Money needed for cornets? brass
No credit given to stupid, pompous type? ass
Order fruit after a lot reduced mandate
Primate to call Father on return apeman
Saw US lawyer in advancing years adage
Sister working to inspire senior to keep going soldier on
Some drool over sexy Romeo and Juliet, say lovers
Spots complaint associated with kindergarten? german measles
Talk fast in poker jabber
They could get all mates fired at sea? fleet admirals
Under pressure, fools around stressed
Ways to come from Greek island mentioned roads
A Greek swimmer brings in wrong sign for czar alexander
Airy number with details every so often ethereal
Animal that's long occupying heart of Sahara hyena
By end of round, Rocky's knocked out drugged
Chap in Scottish resort’s spoken of postal system airmail
Cricket sides not consistent? on-and-off
Current number one in golf, masterful in play gulf stream
During the day, hives maybe given whitewashing thrashed
End user began originally to go after a cattle breed aberdeen angus
Far East city's very big area including a ski centre osaka
Furniture-maker's revolutionary new aromatic oil rattan
Get ready to fence section of kitchen garden en garde
Greyhound stadium's favourite snack hot dog
Job-holder has to copy across fifth suggestion? appointee
Mary's portrait of two Athenian characters pieta
Meadow and fen almost completely rank field marshal
Mediterranean islander is swopping halves for stars canis major
Offhand and cold as usual, ignoring our lot casual
Old secretary left item in Hatton Garden? opal
Pipes, say, relaid after landlord’s latest complaint dyspepsia
Politically loaded material has a good supporter penning it agitprop
Range in the end lacking finish atlas
Record view about contest with you once seventy-eight
Saw user maybe as clubbable type? joiner
Traveller to Hebridean islands crossing river tourist
Travelling home, time flew: it’s strange! in transit
Very tempting argument and how it developed mouthwatering
Vow of all trusty henchmen at the start oath
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