How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Cryptic Jan 16 2018

A ten-point cut axe
Best work by small boy, with little hesitation optimum
Elegant finale to jazz I try playing ritzy
Former Anglican, 50, to be superior excel
Girl hugging boy hard in ME town jericho
Gold fruit mostly displayed by vending machine automat
Hack not like famous author tolkien
Huge double obstacle met by a work of Shaw’s major barbara
Include wine, we hear, for particular purpose only ad hoc
Miners’ union man without deputy number two
Moving ten to HQ secretly on the qt
Not entirely the reverse of grey — exotic plant oxeye
Nothing held one back in this state idaho
Player’s profession: as a substitute? acting
Record and preserve deadlock logjam
Something digital filming deer wandering round end of wood middle finger
Staff do right to return rod
State lyceum being regularly visited yemen
Steer, behold, trapped in hole pilot
Suddenly, everyone in agreement about topic, finally all at once
Sullied rank, getting maltreated ill-used
View of Apollo astronaut, perhaps, reveals bottom and head moonscape
Water small bunch of flowers spray
Who felt bold, if resolved to be revealing blow the lid off
A priest — he could concoct restorative treatments therapies
Administer sports event run
Beard starts to annoy wife normally awn
Collapse as female totally exhausted fall in
Defenders protecting part of town in retreat? backwards
Disgraceful men with admissions of debt, following revolutionary fashion notorious
Dish knocked over by German gentleman risotto
English following fake set of rules code
Expression of disapproval about church showing filmstrip fiche
Fabric, shoddy stuff provided to clothe nude tabaret
Greek's storage space? attic
Grunt in short strenuous game gaining speed harrumph
Hence more beautiful, one elucidates? explainer
Investigation not right, brief rage leads to profound shift sea change
Like girl almost slipping up in dance salsa
Literal form of belief disseminated by a minister and co creationism
Members of advisory team brought back for newcomer tyro
Muse quietly in swaying tree south of country club? euterpe
Nameless desire harboured by the female in cloak swathe
Once again plan modern music to entertain them remap
Partitioned country split by eastern power septate
Philosophers met crisis, being confused about Greek character empiricists
Princess's reason for misery? Admitting love in conversation discourse
Queen Mary's husband is able to drink in here on journey? billycan
Recruit departs military service, needing support of course draftee
Rhetoric’s put off singer chorister
Ring to cancel engagement on vacation annulet
Sample artist's penultimate piece in gallery taste
Sheepish type approaching girl for dance lambada
Small American city shown on casual shirt teeny
Stranger occupies street, striking salient
Sudden move by directors to establish target dartboard
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