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The Times - Cryptic Jan 10 2004

A drink and a game in the meadow LEMONTEA
Acted then lolled around, leaving one cheated DIDDLED
Avengers sprayed around poisonous vapour NERVEGAS
Bad friends had since become deprived of right to participate DISENFRANCHISED
Bones may be religiously significant items, not half SACRA
Cloth one put under organ? LUNGI
Expert in psychology said to be one for keeping records ANNALIST
Give name to learner that's murdered man LABEL
Harry's an aggressive person, the reverse of another boy BULLYRAG
Hate French article containing profanity LOATHE
List of old books held by academy ROTA
Lowly journalist given position and wealth SUBSTANCE
Man entertaining modern miss with yen for wine MALMSEY
Money made by Diana once - everyone turning up is admitted DOLLARS
Motoring organisation upset about someone driving very fast? RACER
Note production being at an artificially high level? FALSETTO
Offer to translate novel? True VOLUNTEER
One of our supplements initially including cricketer and beautiful females THEGRACES
Painter perhaps mixing a red - Corot? DECORATOR
Party politician briefly upset about TV equipment in two Houses BICAMERAL
Praise or criticise each coming in PAEAN
Reception area with nothing welcoming for visitors? HALLO
Residence protected by house-minder SEMI
Scene of confusion? Put up with it, keeping quiet BEARPIT
Second best comedian? SCREAM
Several people going to bed? DIVERS
Soldiers could make a military error crossing end of desert TERRITORIALARMY
Unconcerned about what's right, getting minimal mark in a test AMORAL
What Ezekiel did in valley for surgeon SAWBONES
Wind has toppled lorry then? NORTHERLY
A mother? He didn't have one ADAM
Bearing the freight charges CARRIAGE
Behind time, but still in a complete outfit LAYETTE
Child's relations hide KIDSKIN
Choice domestic laid on table, so to speak ALTERNATIVE
Coming in a mite tardy, he delayed returning to get dry DEHYDRATE
Complaints master laid before the women MALADIES
Designed to infect pieces of paper CONFETTI
Dumdums are not practical HARDNOSED
Eleventh-hour dying breath LASTGASP
Elusive little flower SCARLETPIMPERNEL
Flower, or a shoot from it GOLDENROD
Grip wheel and do a U-turn here HAIRPINBEND
Hair which needs combing hard at the front THATCH
I give unusual importance to curse IMPRECATION
I intend to deal with abuse ILLTREAT
Immature, bad habits were the end WETBEHINDTHEEARS
In a legal position, James I's covered ONSIDE
In case one vehicle overturns ETUI
Is entrant prepared for passing? TRANSIENT
Issue instructions to toxophilite TELL
Learned English in unfashionable University College EDUCATED
Little woman lay with husband BETH
Make a concession - don't charge for cake THROWINTHESPONGE
Malefactor sent up to experience again fare inside EVILDOER
Natural stuff from English vineyard ECRU
No fishing now in these waters - catch up outside CLOSESEASON
Nothing at all suppressed over a habit NOTASAUSAGE
Observer has to turn endless mushrooms over SPECTATOR
Piles fruit into vehicle RICKSHAW
Pilot Officer Thomas is superior to Aircraftman Flower POTOMAC
Plummet of iron? DECREASE
Prominent ad, extraordinarily prominent PREDOMINANT
Push setback aside, and shift the blame PASSTHEBUCK
Quaker's number shown inside flag PENNON
Read aloud savage yarn CREWEL
Risk a wet tumble WATERSKI
Runners depend on this lanky fellow BEANPOLE
Said to be the average person's look MIEN
Seawards, frequently to man pump is impossible OUTOFTHEQUESTION
Set off to meet DISCHARGE
SHAPE commander has badge in place OCTAGON
So poor, it is almost indecent NEARTHEBONE
Spread throughout public transport after current is lost - a safety device TRANSFUSE
Strip to one's underwear SLIP
Sweet maiden interrupts 'God bless!' MARSHMALLOW
Tax is a moral obligation DUTY
Thick-skinned creature added to cases for physician HIPPOCRATES
This could provide heir, in short, with wealth WHEREWITHAL
Tick gives you a good result in examination CREDIT
To indulge in winter sports with a marine is hard, leading to a clash SKIRMISH
Touring Britain, lout causes distress TRIBULATION
Unpredictable pet kept in pen SCATTY
Upset open container OVERTURN
Using a listening device in church if absolutely necessary ATAPINCH
Very little to record MINUTE
Vicar's in the spotlight, doing a turn - a U-turn REVERSAL
Weird, fey aspect of Baskerville and the like TYPEFACES
Well-known to Hamlet, one caught in the city YORICK
While speechifying, ferment mirth and uproar BROUHAHA
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