How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Cryptic Feb 06 2018

A social event creating fuss ado
At home terrible strain with fellow being stubborn intransigent
Bird about to get crumbled bread by stone redbreast
Cover was thrown over article swathe
Desire to show obeisance — the fighting yeoman had it longbow
For example, keeping metal lustrous satiny
Girl somewhere in London toughening up annealing
Greek character accommodated in our house rho
Grocers — men to upset street trader costermonger
Had meal in cosy home with the least clutter around? neatest
Head in charge of what can be discussed topic
Kept in store, the rare organic compound ether
Language of girl, hard to follow irish
Little pigs maybe in rubbish litter
Little Sarah’s going to a dance salsa
Making sure ancient master gets treatment ascertainment
Old patrol contrived to get highest fee top dollar
Star in a church ace
Supreme commander seems original when order is imposed generalissimo
Team from Milan or Bury? inter
Thus covers will be needed for non-fluid items solids
Try somehow to confront terribly insane and wicked regimes tyrannies
Weapon kept by clan certainly lance
Writer has supply of wines set up nib
'T isn't corrupt taint
Abandoning capital in London, northerner could rent close to home round the corner
Alcoholic drink vessel's left port
Audible complaint cut short mown
Bee's sting? honeytrap
Bit pale, ultimately? white
Cappuccino maker is putting chocolate on it — cheers! barista
Dish of stuff finally brimming over, clutched by old cook beef wellington
Drunk missing the stage? legless
Epic figure lookin' to steal painting, criminal finally retiring gazillion
Exercise a bit with this? drill
Fanatic getting cross in street: I’m worried extremist
For example, Sweeney Todd's musical style? barbershop
Go crazy, spinning around stab
Leader in Times, see, pretty embarrassing for worker on newspaper typesetter
Lean on hump in humpback structure? That won't kill you! blank cartridge
Letters to burn — dipped in water, on reflection aitches
Look again, as rector not half given hell! recheck
One getting out of cloak in the gents, free at last escapee
Outlaw getting a thrill stealing article, one not going straight? banana kick
Piece of insightful narrative on member's part? ulnar
Short of a proposal, still motionless
Smoker's item lost touring hospital ashtray
Someone trying to bag skirt for school term trimester
Stockings loosely on, do safety pins when all goes pear-shaped? one of those days
Unpredictable boy munching grass erratic
Vague shape in Monet's colour, reportedly? blur
Wonderful thing frying sausage, say? sizzler
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