How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Cryptic Feb 01 2012

Achieve a cut, working inside with no strength left EFFECTUATE
Ancient confusion of flustered gentlemen holding male underclothing EMBRANGLEMENT
Bishop is for first person to hoax BAM
Bull, new in financial centre on the rise, producing corrosive output OXYNTIC
Danger for fish eaters, nothing to do with lugs catching month up CIGUATOXIN
Encourage getting energy off back flip NOGG
Family entertained by comedian experienced in conscious hours WAKING
Firm horse carrying nothing home by woolly-headed lion? CRIOSPHINX
Fish done with lamb originally LEMONDAB
Gravitational acceleration turned damp (but not cold) mechanical joint GYMMAL
Group with same parents and one bachelor keep mum in drink SIBSHIP
Had a feminine 10 with blessed woman separating father and daughter SISTERED
Hoarding in previous month, utter claim for subsistence PULTURE
However corrupt, honesty reveals it THO
Means to disperse around America if Ford collapses DIFFUSOR
Odd characters necessary to sack and imprison Roman general SCIPIO
Old boy's younger from behind, lapped by Greek or South African runner GRYSBOK
One becomes active in body to urge cover for overexposed crown PRODRUG
Opportunities to play Saviour, abandoned by society, on cross JEUX
Opportunity to talk about good description of stuffing? SAGY
Produced tears in stopping lovemaking, reversing dry-eyed condition XEROTES
Quote work with Aristophanic character, recalled as prosaic UNPOETIC
Realisation coming to most of corrupt soldiers with time ATTAINMENT
Shut up forgotten indicator of US business maturity INCAGE
Slyly, once only skirting Tenerife's capital, points anticlockwise around island STOLENWISE
The glory has departed from one church and a soul ICHABOD
What moves top cleric to puncture broodingly introspective peevishness? POPEMOBILE
When rising, I get out of practice in the morning Shinto rite MATSURI
Wrack with pain, primarily masking the end of murder KILP
Wrap up university visit to collect theatre award in slight deviation BUTTONYOURLIP
Black and red pens every one broke BREACHED
Can soldier in holding record get to become militia captain? JOHNGILPIN
Clubs demand a large volume of beer CASK
Collapse evident in game at home RUIN
Complete cover-up from English university following millions taken during term ENGULFMENT
Engraver is forgotten by one using metal stamp? DIESINKER
German partner in crime arrested early FRAU
Glimpse of something in newspaper cutting APERCU
Go outside Court One to see a casualty of crime VICTIM
Heart of onion nearly ready for eating I shred up for sauce PIRIPIRI
I insist celibacy represented an unapproachable quality INACCESSIBILITY
Insect getting caught in shredding machine MINCER
Left in awkward situation without a way out BLIND
Line up for such an entertainment? INDIANROPETRICK
Need a man, I'm sorry, to lose one of these MAIDENNAME
Needlework is quite unusually begun only in russet, perhaps APPLIQUE
Officer and men following are permitted to MAYOR
Piece of hair found in cut bread roll and jam BLOCKAGE
Poet is second Graves, perhaps, but without fire? SWINBURNE
Rhyme astounding for pounding and occasion for relation? MOTHERINGSUNDAY
Skilled workers suffering mischance MECHANICS
Some bananas — about right for late-morning sustenance BRUNCH
South American measure Brazilians adopted initially SAMBA
Strange object without name, annoying and not well defined UNFOCUSSED
Success with English champagne, perhaps WINE
Use bad language beginning in spectator sport SWEAR
Where Adam and Eve sinned originally INTHEFIRSTPLACE
With ready running out, go for a cheap ticket DAYRETURN
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