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The Times - Cryptic Feb 01 2003

A goblet strangely spherical GLOBATE
A man out to reform industry initially brought in labour-saving system AUTOMATION
About sailor's return, boat fairly divided PRORATA
About to board neat oriental ship TRIREME
Ailing yet somehow showing good humour GENIALITY
Americans touring the world showing off their basketwork? HARLEMGLOBETROTTERS
Brainwash King Cole to go in new direction INDOCTRINATE
Coastal area around mouth of Thames is not productive land SETASIDE
Coming out from Greece, men are travelling EMERGENCE
Complicated business, getting attire needed by graduate at function RIGMAROLE
Composer's link BRIDGE
Critic of England manager's meeting with Queen REVIEWER
Deceived daughter abandoned supporting tea dance CHACONNE
Disorganised, putting pet in with the pigs? SCATTY
Divine, me, sister? Partly NEMESIS
Dozily start to develop argument, foolish to omit one line DROWSILY
Eloquent rant of Hitler's went bananas according to wartime account (3,5,2,3,7,5) ALLQUIETONTHEWESTERNFRONT
Extinct animal, one sort of worm buried in common TRILOBITE
Finished with first in Theology and came down suffering from too much education OVERTRAINED
Get close in search that's not started by accident UNMEANT
Girl joining in unadorned song BARCAROLE
Girl on instrument is not neat DILUTE
Girl on way to collect companion has a frightening fall AVALANCHE
Giving away plot of Rossini opera? TELLTALE
Golf tournament finished without definite conclusion OPENENDED
Good, say, to attack urchin GUTTERSNIPE
Having to be in arrears around middle of month OWNING
Heavenly harmony proposed by an old Greek? MUSICOFTHESPHERES
I left hot food, wanting cold CHILL
I turned out to escape court appearance thus UNTRIED
In a farmhouse note vicious defoliant AGENTORANGE
In county get near unusual person of rank STAFFSERGEANT
In William, I find a chap smarter than most INTELLIGENT
Irritating old boy backs sending son into the city BOTHERSOME
It's disappointing finding steersman drunk MARESNEST
John, American city is mad LOONY
Lawbreakers taking presents finish inside OFFENDERS
List of those able to make one cross from time to time? ELECTORALREGISTER
Looked for food a long time in shallow water FORAGED
Maiden, a girl initially longing for a marriage MARITAL
Maybe a piece of ribbon that is black secured by pin TIEBACK
Minister's office suffering cut - a zero amount for drink CURACAO
Most important spell of bowling by one of old Yorkshire set OVERRIDING
Name for elegance STYLE
Northerner gets cottage in the heart of Sussex - wow! SCOTSMAN
Novel article on wicked love affair that goes wrong THEVICAROFWAKEFIELD
One gets some stick running this with colleagues RELAYRACE
One having flexible jaws, animal takes bird and starts to chew MONKEYWRENCH
Order used in the dictionary EDICT
Overall, tough chicken has to do BOILERSUIT
Passionate soldiers laid into a timid soul endlessly AMOROUS
Peel back gear and take up pose for such a magazine? GIRLIE
Pipe making friend unwell inside CHILLUM
Prow's bit at sea? BOWSPRIT
Question from a frustrated attender at many matches (3,2,1,6,3,10) WHYAMIALWAYSTHEBRIDESMAID
Refuse orders to turn book into some film REBEL
Relentlessly pursue despicable person HOUND
Reported to be chivalrous each time it gets dark? NIGHTLY
Run into more gusts at sea, causing this on coast? STORMSURGE
School subject offering a mental image RECOLLECTION
Seedy dive where cash is taken? HOLEINTHEWALL
Set jigging by pop beat PASTE
Soldiers negotiate concession RETREAT
Some subterranean travel in natural hollows ANTRA
Story about maiden in, say, lime outfit ACCOUTREMENT
Such a big meal could make friends SLAPUP
Such geometry a pretty flat subject? EUCLIDEAN
Terrorist appears when crack troops err ASSASSIN
The embarrassed little girl initially hesitated DITHERED
They dispose of property when right to hold gold is admitted ALIENORS
They duck two points about renegade Jedi EVADERS
Transgressor hiding head in private INNER
What a distressed hack has given up? HORSEHAIR
Women's organisation takes small girl to a city in America WICHITA
Word of agreement to drop whisky in recent past YESTERYEAR
Worker is in the group voting no ANTIS
Critically examine direction given in short reference book DISSECT
Daughter put on a protective covering of reversible fabric DAMASK
Doing nothing during first part of play - performing later INACTION
Father of modern artistic movement DADA
Girl turned up with emperor in Indian city AMRITSAR
Having had the wind up, female put straight FRIGHTENED
Here and now PRESENT
Horse, in one type of combat, not wounded UNHARMED
In hands of orthopaedists, etc. ANDSOFORTH
Intellectually get the better of old university idiot OUTWIT
Judiciously selected term of French LEMOTJUSTE
Lamb's full of a singular flavour in this part of the country EASTANGLIA
Light cooked meal for young children SMALLFRY
Mask fell HIDE
Old invader of England prepared for sacking JUTE
Over time, heartless senator becomes powerful speaker STENTOR
Peaceful border in Asian region PACIFICRIM
Protective garment for poet involved with war WATERPROOF
Returned revision to book's author that shows extent of clean-up TIDEMARK
Revered husband made a confession HALLOWED
Save king in old vessel BARK
Saw what someone was saying LIPREAD
Some brain shown by Caesar, initially, before his war CEREBELLUM
There's fabric in nets fashioned for this sport LAWNTENNIS
This madman messed up tsarina endlessly RASPUTIN
Time invested in an unusual form of etching AQUATINT
Tropical author MILLER
Votes against euros finally, holding pound as important NOLESS
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