How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Cryptic Dec 17 2018

A knight with additional decoration somewhere in Northern Ireland antrim
A US lot losing heart unfortunately in Oklahoman city tulsa
Any number in peculiar top hats and skimpy female attire hot pants
Bloke receiving Communion finally in church minster
Boy comes to end of the big book tome
Cloth seen in porch in Oxford chino
Enjoyable experience of a big swimmer from a previous era? a whale of a time
Female just on the scene, turning up with honoured companion wench
Gloomy, having eaten hard fish shad
Hero in police department cid
Hesitation about time of abstinence? Back down relent
I? I love to eat iodine
Insincere toad sadly thinking of no one else? inconsiderate
Joy has to keep quiet and languishes happiness
Manage to communicate, that's clear get over
Old car not starting creates fury anger
Pair to perform at front of one church in rehearsal practice
Pussy is crossing avenue — caution! caveat
Sailor Henry's was a Spanish Catherine first mate
Shorten a span abridge
This writer has a set of religious books planned meant
Vehicle with nothing on? That's funny! cartoon
What sounds like common bird sound cheep
Wood used in model-making elm
A personal assistant, I'm going bust, finally valet
Always delivery turns up after a term for musicians alla breve
American jerk seeing worker maybe with daughter, bowled over dweeb
Around South Africa, driest winds blow? disaster
Bridge put out cross
Conceal oneself behind green coat taken from stock rawhide
Current fine restricts hooligan oik
Engulfed by flames, amphibian remains leftovers
Figure working alongside someone who never complains? nonagon
Food requiring refrigeration in cosy place — cry about that single cream
Fun with gas and air — look out of it! comedy
Furthest away, a vessel into which I must climb apogean
Game taking day, touring the terraced houses three-card monte
Giant lacking good complexion hue
Giant uphill in pastoral setting orchard
In Bengal, a thick club lathi
Irritating thing this explosive, a bomb histamine
North of the ground, steer into that empty part of Liverpool toxteth
Observe, over time, victory inspiring a writer mark twain
Odd characters rubbed out, maybe detective a forgiving type absolver
Opportunity to play in championship finally gone opening
Physicist supreme idiot, they say? max planck
Seeing that schooner, following ship astern
Standard type of blood a short distance inside arm oriflamme
Suffering hilly area, one almost entirely dug up laid low
The winner, me? first person
Tree approximately twice the height of oak? cacao
Upset over Tibet, on having confined priest, surprisingly? believe it or not
Weapon in range, however, not the first cutlass
Youngsters finding last of salmon in river teens
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