How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Cryptic Dec 10 2018

Adapting bicycles — it is a concern for the disabled accessibility
Approve European after sergeant major fumes smoke
Bloom in Los Angeles after 11:20? primula
Brat, tiny creature seizing man’s neckwear, wanting instant attention? impatient
Cheops constructed for long periods epochs
Excessively modest plate after half-demolished dried plums prudish
Fellow traveller raised a drink pernod
In stir, I’m cool about bringing in good law enforcement expert criminologist
Level area to cover with metal, gold plateau
Military group invited to carry equipment brigade
Minor insult slight
Nuisance occupying ladies, say inconvenience
Primarily adjusting beads, apparatus Chinese use still? abacus
Second person who’s manipulated offspring spawn
Settled accommodation for horses stable
Sled dog with a sore throat? husky
Something used to cut chesty heaving scythe
Strength of solution from thinking hard concentration
The person responsible for every domesticated rodent, alternatively perpetrator
University and Father in sitcom brought together united
Use toe waggling to show to the door see out
Very tall new king welcomed in ballad lanky
Back minister introducing minority language reverse
Battered by elements, survive at end of hike in mountain weather-beaten
Books turned out by peer knowing how sticky liquids flow? viscously
Celebrity dips into dictionary — it bears fruit costard
Current edible fungus served on board — it’s OK acceptable
Defeat the endless argument supporting deliveries overthrow
Desert transport rejected by male supporter of Oxford Movement tractarian
Dismal swimmer in river bleak
Dodgy dealings exposed by astute medical centre sharp practice
Double-breasted jackets originally exhibited in adverts reefers
For Greeks, a sacred river first of all alpha
Further issue mostly raised when lacking a hire contract rerelease
Jacob’s wife? Sounds like Cordelia’s father! leah
London resident and European, equally soft-hearted east ender
Magazine proprietors finally left Rugby, say? spectator sport
Member involved in, say, Ulster disturbance a fellow-countryman compatriot
One clear about parking being awkward inept
Place and time to strike on green putt
Plant protector only Len put out polytunnel
Principal girl’s initial attention engaged by speedy drivers? top gear
Proposition boy soldiers misunderstood at first theorem
Rebel leader locked up by some of the French for ages! decades
Russian woman missing source of river olga
Similarly, they beat monks, somehow touring east by the same token
Slaughter forest keeper ultimately associated with big cat trounce
Smooth Federalist leaders symbolise it iron
Throw out slippery customer pinching 10p expel
Way Austrian physicist keeps old bear stomach
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