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The Times - Cryptic Dec 04 2010

American nut's wild pogo with a beer GOOBERPEA
Bit of blooming pressure and rest is needed! PETAL
Cannot reveal where this team hides up EVERTON
Chapter on love poetry essential for the Washington Post? ZIPCODE
Decorating with utterly worthless material front of emporium and surround WALLPAPERING
Doctor in choir out of lozenges RHOMBIC
English corporal cuts short journey, finding a place to brood HENCOOP
Fail — as meters do GIVEOUT
Female managed opponents at bridge with neat intervention ROXANNE
Figures making a scene when not allowed to tour meadow TABLEAU
God's own judge carrying appeal skyward JEHOVAH
Government department formerly eccentric and historically square FORUM
Had spin doctor turned over books, worried? ROTATED
In meeting places hard for one to find children's adventure writer JOHNS
Learn Bodleian periodically gets something on the Fleece LANOLIN
Let loose in French a curse, audibly UNDAM
Mischievous fellow shifting purse or purses PUCKERSUP
New Irish PM upset with bank's high-risk behaviour BRINKMANSHIP
Old character, with an exhortation to peer to return, displays spirit ETHANOL
One doing circuit judge's area is old ORBITER
Piano repairer holds up hat — one I should box PRIZEFIGHTER
Sky program that's infectious: one could get hooked! LOBWORM
Something ornamental put on sink a hindrance NECKLET
Stirring around ten, quits Northern French town STQUENTIN
Tremble and flee clutching grand, useless weapon QUAKERGUN
Tucking into crackers, leave desserts BANANASPLITS
Vehicle's bill for carrying football or cricket team about TAXICAB
Work by Auden perhaps, a great piece of fiction WHOPPER
Be envious of fellow-doctor COVET
Beater drawing game has to hurry BEETLE
Between two positions, trapping general unwilling to compromise INTRANSIGENT
Book of war dead initially fine, say CRIMEANDPUNISHMENT
Book some poor sweeper that's handled BESOM
Book token being held, secure nothing WOMENINLOVE
Boring, like Schrodinger's cat? DEADANDALIVE
Break for student to give attention to page playwright's brought round GAPYEAR
Burnt manor, destroying resistance? Unacceptable! NOTON
City in depression acquiring new agency VALENCIA
Curtail pain, perhaps? More likely to curtail pleasure PURITANICAL
Debilitating disease couple said to be imitating METOO
Defective label can't offer beautiful sound BELCANTO
Enter the world with thick hair, but not on top HATCH
Film director gushes about completion of picture WELLES
First clue got by winner, a heroic achievement VICTORIACROSS
For me, sea in storm is terrible FEARSOME
Found in pipes, article that Shylock lost DUCATS
Girl being short stands on this? DAIS
Having narrow escape, avoiding hospital and shutting up CLOSETING
Homeless son desperate to move, but foolish to hurry MOREHASTELESSSPEED
Horse thus unencumbered is to make fewer trips across river RIDERLESS
I have a title: head lover NOBLEMAN
In gospel-singing era, less pop GINGERALE
In mess, delighted in dropping starter of rice on plate DISHEVELLED
In sexy underwear, paid by a man finally for this? LAPDANCE
In studies, had heard of golden snake CONSTRICTOR
In which one may be promoted to knight, but not bishop HONOURSLIST
Ingredient of team-building? MINCEMEAT
Inspire officer to announce help for rescuers FIREBRIGADE
Insurmountable barrier, a ridge, to stitch everyone up CHINESEWALL
Is about to wander by oneself round European country SIERRALEONE
It is settled: end of story COLONY
Keep score — high, by close of play TALLY
Late at a miserable old party, of no interest now DEADASADODO
Like a complex dictionary, cheap at a pound? OEDIPAL
Monk from the Republic DOMINICAN
More optimistic, but to be executed: shoot! OSIER
Mrs Sprat liked to talk CHEWTHEFAT
Neuroses holding back fighter, a German HANGUPS
No secret desires on Daisy's heavenly body? ASTEROID
Not a layman's sort of error? CLERICAL
Not much charge on your mobile? Let's see what you can do TALKISCHEAP
Not straight, general's steps GAYGORDONS
One from Assam perhaps becomes a thief in London TEALEAF
Ornaments make metallic sound in carriages TRAPPINGS
Perhaps Heathcliff's lines to his love, a source of electricity CATHODE
Politics has deteriorated, engaging in specious argument SOPHISTICAL
President with hair like some concrete PRESTRESSED
Quietly resume turning into the best SUPREME
Room in protected area round city PALERMO
Saw cake thus unfinished NOTICED
Sort of fluid coatin' I'm slopping around AMNIOTIC
Sticky stuff — a small quantity secreted by maple, say TREACLE
Submitted story about daughters having cheated FIDDLED
Superman having fortune lost pounds, here for Derby KENTUCKY
Two chaps and a superior one introduce me to team-leading skill MANMANAGEMENT
What smoker's mouth has is criminal FAGIN
Woman carrying on business closes extremely late CLEO
Write chapter in story for star PENTACLE
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