How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Cryptic Dec 01 2013

Amount to strain water tank, perhaps AMTRACK
Atomic weight outside conventional scale's limits? Formerly, between ATWIXT
Besiege earlier member of association LEAGUER
Blood type scrubbed from a lot of sheets in radiation unit REM
Bunting fashionable in science fiction hit SNOWFLICK
Criticism unfair to pirate KNOCKOFF
Drifting around ocean, Noah forgets no airholes in roof CHOANAE
Endless worry after uncultivated ground produces sandy ridges YARDANGS
Fish completely devoured by guinea pig, for example CAVALLY
Former pseuds delaying European revelations EXPOSURES
Good beer supply protects classy Spanish barman BODEGUERO
Greed got back almost half of Cézanne's birthplace, including house PLEONEXIA
Greek character reared within home, to settle without a sheet lost at birth INDECIDUATE
I'm hesitant to protect deviant and free of barriers UNDAM
Inability to make decisions, mostly concerning trouble in recession ABOULIA
Leaders in army laughed at marines on ill-fated mission ALAMO
Liquor for Glaswegian stumped by half-pint STRUNT
Mother and daughter hugging brother, where Scots men led chequered paths DAMBROD
Not any axes left in pine to make log-canoe? MONOXYLON
Panorama painter wasted due time filling in pleasant view VEDUTISTA
Put up boundary chain with variable hire purchase for leaving arrangement PHYLLOTAXIS
Scottish angler rising, elderly one wearing black and white WIDEGAB
Single-heartedly spoil elements related to a subgroup COSET
Small heap of hay in sunshine COCK
Sons yank your chain over sweater? WORRYGUTS
Spanish pipes bearing aguardiente primarily GAITA
Special layer completed for auditorium SPHENDONE
Split once nail's head pierces tyre when cycling YRENT
Stock set with food in the character of a film ASPIC
What contributes to crusty eyelid? STYE
What Romanians spend for neck decoration LEI
Why dodo collapsed in a hole HOWDYDO
Budget speech hasn't started RATION
Chap caught boxing one on one! MANIC
Correct use of words — wrong stress, say SYNTAX
Dogs' home — see a tail wagging outside it ALSATIA
Drummer runs home to beat it RINGO
Factions first to prevent progress until disbanded SPLINTERGROUPS
Farmer is temporarily bagging growing plant material MERISTEM
Fire-resistant article worst in emergency! ASBESTOS
For good measure, sister spanked mother PROGENITRESS
For one love, number one EGO
French lady consumed by major delivery problem STAMMER
Glossy mesh in drawer MAGNET
Gunners find fierce competition RATRACE
He will not be worried by Euro being spent elsewhere? BELOWTHELINE
Hide mirror in shower? PAPEROVER
I come from America, carrying personal influence IMPETUS
Mountain resident gets down about climbing mountain UPLANDER
Rival in tavern finally shot cowboy INCOMPETENT
Scottish city in Solway region AYR
Someone I ring during study, oddly at great speed SUPERSONICALLY
Suffer hunger following religious sect FAMISH
Supremely funny attempts to fill in form FISHIEST
Syllabus, without university permit, stays CORSELET
Was party host married in this spot? RANDOM
Watery grave where one's lost SEROUS
Welsh town's beauty about to take shape with gold DOLGELLAU
Where Frenchman accommodates various dates? PIEDSATERRE
You must investigate trouble in joint DOVETAIL
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