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The Times - Cryptic Apr 24 2010

... a show needing some more vitality EVITA
A barrel people filled for structural support ABUTMENT
After first stroke, race to net — it may mean that extra 10% SERVICECHARGE
After labour, newborn girl BRONWEN
Arab is soon up OMANI
Attack Paul, before conversion into a saint ASSAULT
Attend to assigned patrol BEAT
Back to work, Hans Sachs, till you die! TOTHELAST
Bad crop pest we destroyed EVIL
Be reckless and hurl yellow card in the air (5,7,2,3,5) THROWCAUTIONTOTHEWINDS
Bear disaster after onset of bankruptcy BRUIN
Beating girl up in front of Haringey Arena HAMMERING
Behind tree, spy an Oxford institution ASHMOLEAN
Biscuit regularly featured at Christmas CRACKER
Blunder as I run away from tall creature GAFFE
Cell needs coin in indefinite numbers NEURON
Choir ceased performing in York, for example ARCHDIOCESE
Cricketers, neither men nor women? MIDDLESEX
Decisive advantage, one blown by eccentric TRUMPCARD
Does he seduce maids with elan? LADIESMAN
Don't make knight go back to bed: one may be in bathroom COTTONBUD
Eat leaves and bark GRAZE
Edited trailer, too violent at first for opera ... ILTROVATORE
Finish programme with music — piano arrangement PLAYOUT
Guaranteed to be packed, shopping INTHEBAG
I'd twisted, with lots of wheat to scatter DISPEL
In annoyance, return bird, plump, having nothing right to eat TITFORTAT
In right of succession, always having king over holy city REVERSION
In study, point to books out of control INCONTINENT
Just introduced, unit of money divided island NEWGUINEA
Lazy, still undressed? SHIFTLESS
Man of property eats cooked meal with chap ESTATEAGENT
Mennonite novelist hard to follow AMISH
Mercutio's curse on second home owners? (1,6,1,4,4,6) APLAGUEOBOTHYOURHOUSES
Might it cause kangaroo carnage regularly? BOOMERANG
Nap makes a thousand, among scores of successes FORTYWINKS
Narrow piece in long cloth PINSTRIPE
No better, I'm in dubious surroundings UNIMPROVED
No energy in modulated ambient sound, one note especially SUBDOMINANT
Not cramped low in your back ROOMY
One after whisky as diagnostic aid XRAY
One may protect castle, and avoid losing game DRAWBRIDGE
One's stony, so friendless? OPAL
Only 'appy with solids? That's killing LIQUIDATING
Penetrative quality still noticeable INSIGHT
Perhaps try to stop choking, and offer congratulations SLAPONTHEBACK
Permit pet to eat orange at intervals CARNET
Punctuation aroused varied comment INVERTEDCOMMA
Reveals one dumped bunches of flowers: not I EXPOSES
Sage expression of surprise about cash dispenser, after millions appear MAHATMA
Sank a few staggering round pub, for example — an Irish achievement FINNEGANSWAKE
Senior monk is narrow-minded PROVINCIAL
Soon a wind blows round mountain region SNOWDONIA
South east Queensland, unlike outback in Australia, primarily redwood SEQUOIA
Swear endlessly at cat — it's traditional CUSTOM
Tidy vessel for king to board CLEARUP
Twenty-four hours of sea duty, doing shifts TUESDAY
Unreliable City, letting in one after endless delay from the back ERRATIC
Voices raised in seminar, possibly SOPRANI
What makes the Somme extremely terrible among battles WATER
Abbreviated description of, say, Broadway's old tavern court INNYARD
Boxers — one plucked hair, delivering unpleasant punishment SHORTSHARPSHOCK
Bringing comfort with pound, as loan shark's cross for a second LUXURIOUS
Capital, singular, fur coats MINSK
Constant backing for different networks ETERNAL
Farsi song or poem's kept back in expectation of complaint PROGNOSIS
Fastener to flourish when clipped DOWEL
Glass, china blocks joined between the edges OPALINE
Having nothing on end snake dance MAMBO
Having nothing on ends snake dance NAKEDNESS
He died some distance from China, pierced by English daggers OBELI
Healthy one performing great number NONILLION
Last of course to go out for the interval NINTH
Legal officer's bungle overlooking a fine, it arises MUFTI
Likelihood team's opening pair have got out? EVENS
Movement at grass-roots level a great electoral success LANDSLIDE
Muck in conclusion I'm surprised to find in ground LENDAHAND
Nil-all and one-each replays: senseless repetition ECHOLALIA
Noble element love turning up to vote XENON
One cracking gags — or saying it's better not to? SILENCEISGOLDEN
Oral promise: that would-be bride hopes to make it up! AISLE
Particular person, on reflection briefly, short and plump for a queen NITPICKER
Poser sinks bottom right in the dessert! PSEUD
Railing's causing injury OFFENCE
Ranks novel about a poorly revolutionary, describing it? ORWELLIAN
Rep leaves complaint, making member of family carp ROACH
Sort of food almost everyone, surprisingly, eats these days OVENREADY
Spoon-feed butter NANNY
Steer dogs past wide swamp OVERWHELM
Turning back on immorality, a flash western Lothario WOMANISER
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