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The Times - Concise Sep 24 2011

A flat representation of a 3-D original STEREOGRAPH
A marking of parallel lines STRIATION
Airport building TERMINAL
Authorise (a diplomat) to hold a post ACCREDIT
Be disloyal to BETRAY
Booking (in a restaurant) RESERVATION
Brass instruments TROMBONES
Carved figures STATUARY
Disclosed REVEALED
Domestic cock CHANTICLEER
Extremely cruel act ATROCITY
Formal agreement PACT
Gemstone OPAL
Hertfordshire place associated with film studios ELSTREE
High-security hospital in Berkshire BROADMOOR
Hooded jacket ANORAK
Industrious person BUSYBEE
Inexpensive restaurant BISTRO
Interconnected group NETWORK
Louis —, French bacteriologist PASTEUR
Magical potion ELIXIR
Manipulate HANDLE
Milk-curdling agent RENNET
Money available for spending DISPOSABLEINCOME
Nested wooden toy RUSSIANDOLL
Not called for UNCLAIMED
Notion IDEA
Of considerable importance SUBSTANTIAL
One in charge of an organisation MANAGINGDIRECTOR
Opening handle DOORKNOB
Opera set in Egypt AIDA
Political grouping of countries BLOC
Popular music genre ROCKANDROLL
Population count CENSUS
Produce of Devon town HONITONLACE
Put back in place REINSTATE
Questioning in court CROSSEXAMINATION
Relating to data analysis STATISTICAL
Role in As You Like It ROSALIND
Southern supporter in US Civil War CONFEDERATE
Spanish city BARCELONA
Stamp collector PHILATELIST
Starting point (for comparisons) BASELINE
Strong and unpleasant smell STENCH
Strong black coffee ESPRESSO
Supervisor OVERSEER
The Granite City ABERDEEN
Type of camel BACTRIAN
Type of mathematician GEOMETER
Type of tangelo MINNEOLA
Unacceptable thing NONO
Unit of power WATT
Very old AGED
With no nationality STATELESS
Bend round; dance TWIST
Capital of India DELHI
Card game BRIDGE
Dirty place PIGSTY
Famous person CELEB
General feeling SENTIMENT
Glossy SHINY
Grain as food CEREAL
Having the power (to do something) ABLE
Inspiring goddess MUSE
Not that THIS
Novel heroine JANEEYRE
One in the army SOLDIER
Press on all sides SQUEEZE
Rebounding bullet RICOCHET
Religious reformer LUTHER
Respected, admired ESTEEMED
Scene of motionless figures TABLEAU
State of preparedness READINESS
Stoat-like mammal WEASEL
Structure for hanging GALLOWS
Symbol; heraldic device EMBLEM
Unit of pressure; French scientist PASCAL
Very eager (to see) AGOG
Work continuing an earlier one SEQUEL
Write (a dedication) in (a book) INSCRIBE
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