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The Times - Concise Sep 11 2004

- Terry, English actress ELLEN
Accepted as being authoritative CANONICAL
Allowed to sell alcohol LICENSED
At a self-selected moment (2,4,3,4,4) INONESOWNGOODTIME
Baker Street sleuth SHERLOCKHOLMES
Blind person's aid GUIDEDOG
Block, hinder OBSTRUCT
Car, property ESTATE
Cardinal point WEST
Carlo Maria -, Italian conductor GIULINI
Change in word's form with function (grammar) INFLECTION
Change to a new position REALIGN
Children's book by Lucy Maud Montgomery ANNEOFGREENGABLES
City in NE Pakistan RAWALPINDI
Country liberated by Bernardo O'Higgins CHILE
Decorated with mosaics TESSELLATED
Drain, cricket position GULLY
Female descendant DAUGHTER
Grassland area E of Rockies GREATPLAINS
Great surprise AMAZEMENT
Having enduring popularity EVERGREEN
He flew too near the sun ICARUS
Hebrew prophet ISAIAH
Hindu forehead mark BINDI
Intensely serious EARNEST
Japanese fencing KENDO
Jester FOOL
Large retail outlet SUPERMARKET
Lawbreaking as protest CIVILDISOBEDIENCE
Lyrical operatic style BELCANTO
Make (something) certain to happen ASSURE
Melton Mowbray county LEICESTERSHIRE
Military overgarment TRENCHCOAT
Mrs - was married to George IV FITZHERBERT
Nov-Dec zodiac sign SAGITTARIUS
Occurring irregularly EPISODIC
One promised in marriage FIANCE
One to whom money is owed CREDITOR
One wiring house ELECTRICIAN
Organism living off another PARASITE
Outline sketch LINEDRAWING
Peaks at entrance to Med PILLARSOFHERCULES
Point about which something turns PIVOT
Recess in church APSE
Saudi Arabian capital RIYADH
Scots village associated with weddings GRETNAGREEN
Search for HUNT
She was killed by Othello DESDEMONA
Sheets, pillowcases etc BEDLINEN
Song sung by Elvis BLUESUEDESHOES
Sweet, hypocrite HUMBUG
Synthetic fabric NYLON
Ten cubed THOUSAND
Trivial speech TWADDLE
Wheel rod SPOKE
(Horse's) pace faster than a walk TROT
(In fine) condition FETTLE
(Of ship) fill with water and sink FOUNDER
Cast, wooden building SHED
Charming, removing TAKING
Children, topic ISSUE
County of NW Eire SLIGO
Danger warning REDFLAG
Decreasing (in number) FALLING
Dirty, squalid SORDID
Drive forward IMPEL
Force (something) to be accepted IMPOSE
Golden anniversary FIFTIETH
Gun-firing digit TRIGGERFINGER
Hard metal element, Ir IRIDIUM
Hit (with fist) THUMP
Of little importance TRIVIAL
Part of wood joint TENON
Place for skaters ICERINK
Private teacher TUTOR
Restore to life RESURRECT
Rule as monarch REIGN
Sceptres, county (abbr.) STAFFS
Spanish accent, as in se-or, ma-ana etc. TILDE
Staunchly loyal to the Conservative Party TRUEBLUE
Time to come FUTURE
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