How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Concise Oct 27 2012

Abdominal pain COLIC
Adornment for a hat COCKADE
Affectionate, emotional TOUCHYFEELY
Artificial fabric RAYON
Before the expected time EARLY
Blood vessel ARTERY
Broken into many pieces SHATTERED
Capital of Cyprus NICOSIA
City of north Maryland BALTIMORE
Continent EUROPE
Cram; material STUFF
Cream-filled pastry ball PROFITEROLE
Excruciating pain AGONY
Fur hunter TRAPPER
General rule; clergyman CANON
Go away! SCRAM
Green used in tweeds, etc LOVAT
Group setting Bank of England's interest rate MONETARYPOLICYCOMMITTEE
Having enduring popularity EVERGREEN
Heat-treat (metal or glass) ANNEAL
Help for those who can't be independent DAYCARE
Hiding place BOLTHOLE
Industrial maker MANUFACTURER
Irish girl COLLEEN
Italian cathedral DUOMO
Large birdcage AVIARY
Like a wizard's hat CONICAL
London area north of Soho FITZROVIA
Maintenance after divorce in the US ALIMONY
Make a futile gesture BAYATTHEMOON
Monarch RULER
Not able to exist IMPOSSIBLE
Orderly, neat SHIPSHAPE
Outstanding; not typical EXCEPTIONAL
Pass the car in front OVERTAKE
Photographed using radiation XRAYED
Place for the dangerously ill INTENSIVECAREUNIT
Popular phrase CATCHWORD
Put into words PHRASE
Rearing; cherishing NURTURING
Relating to pleasing note combinations HARMONIC
Relating to the heart CARDIAC
Scale for wind speeds BEAUFORT
Skill, talent ABILITY
Small French cafe ESTAMINET
Society reject OUTCAST
Spanish wine RIOJA
Take back RETRACT
Taking too many drugs OVERDOSING
Tendency for hostages to become attached to their captors STOCKHOLMSYNDROME
Totalled ADDED
Very hot curry VINDALOO
Very knowledgeable person (variant spelling) AFFICIONADO
W. B. —, Irish poet YEATS
Well-known Hitchcock film PSYCHO
Welsh valley known for mining RHONDDA
Woman in charge of a large house CHATELAINE
Avoidance of extremes MODERATION
Carrier; beer PORTER
Conference SEMINAR
Cutlery city SHEFFIELD
Easy chess win FOOLSMATE
Flat-bottomed boat BARGE
Friend AMIGO
Juliet's lover ROMEO
Kind of pigeon POUTER
Large advertisement POSTER
Living part of a cell PROTOPLASM
Masthead platform CROWSNEST
Move unhurriedly POTTER
Obsequious flattery SYCOPHANCY
Occasion for a light meal TEATIME
Political belief TORYISM
Scottish port AYR
Sharp, critical (wit) MORDANT
Social insect ANT
South American country CHILE
Store in ice DEEPFREEZE
Unit of current AMP
Unit of weight TON
Very large seabird ALBATROSS
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