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The Times - Concise Mar 27 2010

American river/state DELAWARE
Biblical prophet ELIJAH
Break; photo SNAP
Bulk-carrying ship TANKER
Catoon film-maker ANIMATOR
Cause to appear as if by magic CONJUREUP
Clever clogs SMARTYPANTS
Comfortable seat ARMCHAIR
Concurring AGREEING
Cowardly; apostate RECREANT
Cul-de-sac DEADEND
Daphne du Maurier novel REBECCA
Flowing ornamental design ARABESQUE
Form of Christianity ANGLICANISM
Form of lava SCORIA
Gardener's container WATERINGCAN
Get towed by a motorboat WATERSKI
Group aping a famous one TRIBUTEBAND
Hammered tool NAILPUNCH
Inability to take a break WORKAHOLISM
Information a company holds on to TRADESECRET
Line touching a circle TANGENT
Look after TEND
Made ready (to fire) PRIMED
Made to conform to the law LEGITIMISED
Month JUNE
Native of Brittany BRETON
Native of Cardiff WELSHMAN
North American native group IROQUOIS
Not dense THIN
Obtain (ore/coal) by opencast method STRIPMINE
One studying plants BOTANIST
Paltry sum of money CHICKENFEED
Piece of data STATISTIC
Poem by John Keats (3,2,1,7,3) ODEONAGRECIANURN
Poke; stimulate PROD
Portable receivers TRANSISTORRADIOS
Public school near Windsor ETON
Raw recruit ROOKIE
Regency palace on south coast BRIGHTONPAVILION
Region sheltered from the wind LEESIDE
Sad; feathers DOWN
Scottish ski resort AVIEMORE
Setting for a scene BACKDROP
Shaped pattern TEMPLATE
She was executed in 1587 MARYQUEENOFSCOTS
Shelley's middle name BYSSHE
Showing creative skill ARTISTIC
Singer of sacred songs PSALMIST
Skimpy beachwear BIKINI
Small volume TEASPOONFUL
Sugar-yielding root BEET
Twelve-note compositional system SERIALISM
Type of sweater collar POLONECK
Unclean constituent IMPURITY
Without distinction NONDESCRIPT
Working animal CARTHORSE
Academic dissertation THESIS
Art of manoeuvring TACTICS
Cannabis GANJA
Capital of Sardinia CAGLIARI
Christopher —, novelist (Goodbye to Berlin) ISHERWOOD
Egg on URGE
Egyptian canal SUEZ
European antelope CHAMOIS
Follow on ENSUE
Foot lever giving power TREADLE
Holy city of Islam MECCA
Honey maker BEE
Hooded snake COBRA
Irish river SHANNON
Item of neckwear CRAVAT
Narrow escape CLOSECALL
Native of Palermo SICILIAN
One form of an element ISOTOPE
One with dead parents ORPHAN
Prod with the elbow NUDGE
Science of government POLITICS
Show tiredness/boredom YAWN
Slavish imitator COPYCAT
Small particle ATOM
To the sunrise EASTWARD
Water, gas or electricity supply MAINS
Winter hanger ICICLE
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