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The Times - Concise Jun 22 2013

(Man's) dishonourable behaviour CADDISHNESS
(Of deer) having horns ANTLERED
(Of fluid) moved in circles EDDIED
8th-century German invader of Italy LOMBARD
Aid organisation THEREDCROSS
Buckinghamshire village once known for its film studios DENHAM
Combining British and American influences MIDATLANTIC
Common fuel DIESEL
Confusedly twisted TANGLED
Crime warranting trial by jury INDICTABLEOFFENCE
Dejected, discouraged DISPIRITED
Depressing; dreary DISMAL
Disengage a vehicle drive DECLUTCH
Disguise one's feelings DISSIMULATE
Done secretly CLANDESTINE
Dutch cheese GOUDA
Everlasting DEATHLESS
Fabric resembling undressed leather SUEDETTE
Fell back (into sickness) RELAPSED
Fighter with a blade SWORDSMAN
Final part of play/film/etc DENOUEMENT
Firmly determined STRONGMINDED
Firmness of purpose DETERMINATION
Fit for consumption EDIBLE
Foolish talk TWADDLE
Form of medieval French LANGUEDOC
Former name of Suriname DUTCHGUIANA
Impossible to identify as different INDISTINGUISHABLE
Improper behaviour INDECENCY
In a country's central part MIDLAND
In the form of a simplified drawing DIAGRAMMATIC
Indian cigarette; die be (anagram) BEEDI
Leaf (of grass) BLADE
Like plain writing paper UNLINED
Lingered TARRIED
Neptune's weapon TRIDENT
Not thinking straight ADDLEHEADED
Official agreement; harmony ACCORD
One of a pair on which to sleep TWINBED
One of the four bases of DNA ADENINE
Outer layer of a plant stem PERIDERM
Plant of the genus Poa MEADOWGRASS
Rebuke SCOLD
Risk to human health BIOHAZARD
Sea duck EIDER
Slightly angry ANNOYED
Something produced by condensing vapour DISTILLATE
Spaced out evenly EQUIDISTANT
Suddenly alarmed STARTLED
Unpleasantly mocking SNIDE
Verb form used as a noun GERUND
Very likely to happen ODDSON
Very long-serving person OLDTIMER
Vouched for ATTESTED
Wonderful to relate (Latin) MIRABILEDICTU
— Revisited (Evelyn Waugh) BRIDESHEAD
A jagged edge SAWTOOTH
An expert DABHAND
Boring marine worm TEREDO
Breathe out EXHALE
Commission from a (shady) deal RAKEOFF
Copper or silver tree BEECH
Deep absorption (in a subject) IMMERSION
Excite; awaken ROUSE
Fellow-feeling SYMPATHY
Flung, tossed SHIED
Fuel container OILDRUM
George —, English singer and ukulele player FORMBY
Great enthusiasm ZEAL
Inca capital city CUZCO
Lifting section AEROFOIL
Like crème de menthe MINTY
Military operations OPS
Mussolini's title DUCE
Noisy quarrel FRACAS
Of no great size SMALL
Refutation REBUTTAL
Relating to light/vision OPTICAL
Travelling salesman REP
UK reform movement member CHARTIST
Volume of student exercises WORKBOOK
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