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The Times - Concise Jul 27 2013

(Of a source) true and accurate AUTHORITATIVE
(Of floor) not softly covered UNCARPETED
A conscious action DEED
An additional amount TOPUP
Arched frame for climbing plants PERGOLA
Betray (another person) DOUBLECROSS
Boisterous, unruly RUMBUSTIOUS
Breed of beef cattle ABERDEENANGUS
Building designer ARCHITECT
Code of polite behaviour ETIQUETTE
Concise and succinct expression ENCAPSULATION
Eg, ballerina DANCER
Eg, one from Milan ITALIAN
Exist in luxury (4,3,3,3,2,3,4) LIVEOFFTHEFATOFTHELAND
Expertise SKILL
Female child DAUGHTER
Hard wood TEAK
Having one's part accurately memorised LETTERPERFECT
Highest in authority SUPREME
Home manager HOUSEKEEPER
Hot green chilli JALAPENO
Illustrative case EXAMPLE
Inflict (revenge) EXACT
Lacking exactness IMPRECISE
Listening carefully ATTENTIVE
Loud resonant metallic sound CLANG
Love affair ROMANCE
Making attempts TRYING
Melodious thrush NIGHTINGALE
Mysterious or secret things ESOTERICA
Not settling an issue INDECISIVE
Office work surface DESKTOP
One claiming a title PRETENDER
Opiate-like substance produced in the brain ENDORPHIN
Out of the wind SHELTERED
Place for motorists to break journey SERVICEAREA
Pre-eminence; high station GREATNESS
Related to the powers of nature ELEMENTAL
Rounded dome CUPOLA
Shorten (a text) ABRIDGE
Small person TITCH
Something very opportune GODSEND
Stomach medicine ANTACID
Studier of odd airborne sightings UFOLOGIST
Sudden whim CAPRICE
Synthetic material PLASTIC
Tall conifer CEDAR
Term of endearment DARLING
Theatre worker STAGEHAND
Thoroughly soaked SATURATED
Touch (feelings); pretend (to feel) AFFECT
Uncertain waiting period LIMBO
Untidy state MESS
Voters as a whole ELECTORATE
With little colour PALE
Written using a cut out mask STENCILLED
A stay in bed LIEIN
Broad heavy knife MACHETE
Bundle of wheat SHEAF
Cause, explanation REASON
Celtic language GAELIC
Detailed, complicated ELABORATE
Eavesdrop LISTENIN
Edible fish SEABASS
Eg, espresso COFFEE
Elector VOTER
German shepherd dog ALSATIAN
Historical collection of documents ARCHIVE
Irish republic EIRE
Lustrous fabric SATIN
Meaningful mark SYMBOL
Memorial inscription EPITAPH
Rank, standing STATUS
Roman poet OVID
Second-hand USED
Study of financial management ECONOMICS
Surrounded RINGED
Unconcerned CAREFREE
Wading bird PLOVER
Wise men MAGI
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