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The Times - Concise Jul 20 2013

(Of writing) hard to read CRABBED
A bequest of funding ENDOWMENT
A building's facade FRONTAGE
A solid higher alcohol STEROL
A source of facts REFERENCEBOOK
Act of making ineligible DISQUALIFICATION
Acute unease over a moral decision CRISISOFCONSCIENCE
Arranged in categories CLASSIFIED
Australian wild dog DINGO
Believer in an Indian religion HINDU
Child minders NANNIES
City in Florida ORLANDO
Clean out (mud) from channel DREDGE
Committed a serious offence SINNED
Complaining MALCONTENT
Compliance with orders OBEDIENCE
Confirm (receipt) ACKNOWLEDGE
Earth's surface TOPSOIL
End an attachment to an organisation DISAFFILIATE
Game with three balls BILLIARDS
Great generosity MUNIFICENCE
Hang around too long OUTSTAYONESWELCOME
Hangman's rope NOOSE
Imagined DREAMED
Intention; legal document WILL
Investigating policeman DETECTIVE
Italian mountain range APENNINES
Just; blonde FAIR
Large branching cactus SAGUARO
Local customs and conventions MORES
Male relative NEPHEW
Modest shyness DIFFIDENCE
Moving swiftly RACING
Not covered against loss UNINSURED
Not in accord with principles of government UNCONSTITUTIONAL
One on a recce mission SCOUT
Outstanding artwork MASTERPIECE
Relating to one's birth NATAL
Root used as a coffee substitute CHICORY
Seismic event EARTHQUAKE
Sensational stage piece MELODRAMA
Solicit votes from (electors) CANVASS
Spanish rice dish PAELLA
State of eastern USA NORTHCAROLINA
Suffer an electrical fault SHORTCIRCUIT
Sweet of sugar, honey, nuts, etc NOUGAT
Temporarily halt SUSPEND
The growing of plants without soil HYDROPONICS
Trailing-edge flap AILERON
Trained, qualified SKILLED
Variety of comedy STANDUP
Water between Siberia and Alaska BERINGSTRAIT
Water tank CISTERN
Wide carpet BROADLOOM
Avarice GREED
Be against OPPOSE
Cloud of gas in space NEBULA
Eg, football teams ELEVENS
Enid —, children's author BLYTON
Golf club BRASSIE
Involving little effort or stress PAINLESS
Long narrative poem EPIC
Of great height TALL
One of Jason's crew ARGONAUT
Orbiting body PLANET
Part of an egg YOLK
Russian composer (The Seasons) GLAZUNOV
Shaped as a Gothic arch OGIVAL
Shooting star METEOR
Soldier that jumps from planes PARA
Something mysterious and puzzling ENIGMA
Source of radiation in space QUASAR
Star system GALAXY
Suggestive rather than explicit ALLUSIVE
Treacherously abandon DESERT
Universe COSMOS
Very (in musical score) ASSAI
Very distressing experience TRAUMA
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