How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Concise Jan 19 2008

A million million TRILLION
Afternoon nap SIESTA
Anxious anticipation APPREHENSION
Be uncomfortably hot SWELTER
Blow-up photo ENLARGEMENT
Blue stone SAPPHIRE
Branch of applied technology ELECTRICALENGINEERING
Breathing organs LUNGS
Chinese port SHANGHAI
Clearly stated EXPLICIT
Close shave NEARTHING
Defeat with superior strength OVERPOWER
Deprived of strength DRAINED
Dirty and untidy woman SLATTERN
Disagree heatedly ARGUE
Eats often seen on bars CASHEWNUTS
Eg, Michaelmas daisy ASTER
Egon -, Austrian Expressionist artist SCHIELE
Frog larva TADPOLE
Game for one SOLITAIRE
Grammatical mistake SOLECISM
Horrifying CHILLING
Horticultural feature ROSEGARDEN
Lump of, eg, gold NUGGET
Make ecstatically happy ELATE
Making wool garments KNITTING
More tediously moralising PREACHIER
Mutual relationship of interdependence CORRELATION
Notes of a chord sounded separately ARPEGGIO
Official sanction ASSENT
One in annual BBC series REITHLECTURE
Open auditorium AMPHITHEATRE
Parisian underground system METRO
Piquancy; energy ZEST
Point where two things meet INTERFACE
Precious; very amusing PRICELESS
Preliminary sketch DRAFT
Push one's luck TRYITON
Rear entrance POSTERN
Robert Louis Stevenson novel (3,6,2,10) THEMASTEROFBALLANTRAE
Sincere, serious EARNEST
Something found again REDISCOVERY
Theatre viewers OPERAGLASSES
Theatre worker SURGEON
Thomas -, Elizabethan composer TALLIS
Through the Looking Glass twin TWEEDLEDEE
Transported goods FREIGHT
Truth machine LIEDETECTOR
Type of Protestant LUTHERAN
Vladimir Ilyich -, Soviet premier LENIN
Wander ROAM
With all (instruments) playing (music) TUTTI
(Of egg) become rotten ADDLE
Ancient symbol RUNE
Avoid making definite statement HEDGE
Barrier of stakes PALING
Cannabis cigarette REEFER
Dealer in stolen goods FENCE
Detective SLEUTH
Eg, fader control SLIDER
Encouraging lustfulness PRURIENT
Every one EACH
Feeling no fear UNAFRAID
Galvanising metal ZINC
Improvised obstruction BARRICADE
Instruct, train EDUCATE
Length of existence LIFESPAN
Magician; bird MERLIN
Number of Muses NINE
One of Christopher Robin's animals PIGLET
One who gives DONOR
Separation (of a country) into separate nations PARTITION
Show (film) SCREEN
Ted -, Poet Laureate HUGHES
V. S. -, novelist NAIPAUL
Young pride member LIONCUB
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