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The Times - Concise Jan 05 2013

A way of living EXISTENCE
Abscond (from school) BUNKOFF
Abundant in supply COPIOUS
Aromatic herb CORIANDER
Be subjected to minute examination (4,5,3,10) COMEUNDERTHEMICROSCOPE
Being part of a whole CONSTITUENT
Black leopard PANTHER
Browbeaten COWED
Cash concealer MONEYBELT
Catalytic protein ENZYME
Clay for mud bricks ADOBE
Colliery COALPIT
Come together UNITE
Dead body CADAVER
Declare, announce PRONOUNCE
Dental disorder IMPACTEDTOOTH
Drink (alcohol) IMBIBE
Elevator LIFT
Expensive-looking SUMPTUOUS
Experts in their fields AFICIONADOS
Famous entertainer STAR
First in order of importance PRINCIPAL
Four-sided figure TETRAHEDRON
Get off a horse/bicycle DISMOUNT
Girl's name SUSAN
Given a gratuity TIPPED
Grey-faced ASHEN
In a silent manner NOISELESSLY
Indigestion DYSPEPSIA
Irritable RATTY
Lacking creative talent; intact iris (anagram) INARTISTIC
Large-calibre guns ARTILLERY
Light entertainment REVUE
Meet (a requirement) SATISFY
Mussorgsky work for piano (8,2,2,10) PICTURESATANEXHIBITION
Needing a drink THIRSTY
Not quite accurate INEXACT
One entering land without permission TRESPASSER
Over-eagerly IMPATIENTLY
Plan for a future event ARRANGEMENT
Radical political belief EXTREMISM
Relating to Jesus's disciples APOSTOLIC
Rescuer of Ariadne THESEUS
Ridiculously inadequate DERISORY
Rip asunder TEARAPART
Ship; cooker STEAMER
Signal increaser AMPLIFIER
Small-minded behaviour PETTINESS
Smallest particle of an element ATOM
Still ill; not smoked, salted or dried UNCURED
Stylishly fashionable CHIC
The spoiling of an appearance DISFIGUREMENT
Ugly character from Norse legend TROLL
Violent inward collapse IMPLOSION
(Of triangle) having three unequal sides SCALENE
A. A. —, Pooh author MILNE
An unknown person SOMEBODY
As a substitute INSTEAD
Attractively small DINKY
Chopped pork offal HASLET
Course subjects SYLLABUS
Deliberately easy target for criticism AUNTSALLY
Destructive New Orleans hurricane KATRINA
Grip; take effect BITE
Hasten (something) EXPEDITE
In — of; place LIEU
Location; job SITUATION
Metal worker SMITH
Not decorous IMMODEST
Passenger vehicle BUS
Perspire SWEAT
Precise details MINUTIAE
Predatory fish SHARK
Small in size LITTLE
Small yellow-flowered plant TREFOIL
Texan city; TV series DALLAS
Tough-textured LEATHERY
Towards the stern AFT
Wicket uprights STUMPS
Yorkshire city LEEDS
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