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The Times - Concise Dec 22 2012

(Of language) tediously pompous TURGID
(Of wound) become septic FESTER
Area of south London ELEPHANTANDCASTLE
Blown-up photo ENLARGEMENT
Causing a violent disturbance RIOTING
Change ALTER
Condition of being out of practice RUSTINESS
Conferment (of an honour) BESTOWAL
Covered against mishaps INSURED
Deep admiration RESPECT
Descriptive term EPITHET
Disturbance AGITATION
Downloadable programme PODCAST
Easily angered BADTEMPERED
Endangered animal PANDA
Expression of strong disagreement EXPOSTULATION
Fairly arid DRYISH
Family member by marriage BROTHERINLAW
Fatal nymph of the Rhine LORELEI
Formed of solidified magma IGNEOUS
Greek island RHODES
Greek philosopher who considered pleasure a goal EPICURUS
Hang so as to swing freely DANGLE
Healing ointment SALVE
High-ranking card TRUMP
Hotel cleaner CHAMBERMAID
In perilous manner DANGEROUSLY
In the centre of a vessel AMIDSHIPS
Irresponsible user of money SPENDTHRIFT
Irreverent towards sacred things BLASPHEMOUS
Kind, thoughtful CARING
Like journalism that exposes wrongdoing INVESTIGATIVE
Medicinal plant oil WINTERGREEN
Nuclear reactor accident MELTDOWN
Of lesser important SECONDARY
One who brings a charge ACCUSER
Perfect happiness BLISS
Place where different peoples mingle MELTINGPOT
Process of handing person over to foreign justice EXTRADITION
Rapidly reproduce PROLIFERATE
Region of France AUVERGNE
Relating to control systems in machines and living things CYBERNETIC
Ring-shaped cake SAVARIN
Rope; artist PAINTER
Sarajevo's country BOSNIAHERZEGOVINA
Skilful, clever ADROIT
Social division TRIBE
String player GUITARIST
Subjugated ENSLAVED
Taking effect from a date in the past RETROACTIVE
Tired through worry CAREWORN
Trite observation PLATITUDE
Very noticeable PRONOUNCED
Walk wearily TRAIPSE
Wicker cradle BASSINET
Assume without proof SUPPOSE
Atmosphere (of a place) AMBIENCE
Cogitation THOUGHT
Evergreen shrub ARBUTUS
Frozen precipitation SNOW
Gem from a bivalve PEARL
Heavenly being ANGEL
High-kicking dance CANCAN
Image worshipper IDOLATER
Lying down RECUMBENT
Musical instruments BELLS
Nativity model CRIB
North African country EGYPT
Number-calling game BINGO
Prickly tree HOLLY
Red-breasted bird ROBIN
Seasonal missive CHRISTMASCARD
Spring flower CROCUS
Spur's spiked disc ROWEL
Stone masonry ASHLAR
Thoroughfare ROADWAY
Underground store room CELLAR
Vehicle's impact protector BULLBAR
Vocal composition CANTATA
Youthful BOYISH
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