How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Concise Aug 31 2013

(Of ship) turned over KEELED
Aider of Theseus against the Minotaur ARIADNE
Confuse; become rotten ADDLE
Cooking fat LARD
Deadlock LOGJAM
Deduce (from evidence) INFER
Fizzy alcoholic drink SPARKLINGWINE
Former Russian president YELTSIN
Great ape GORILLA
High-energy particle from space COSMICRAY
Illustrations prepared for a publication ARTWORK
In which place WHERE
Large container for beer BARREL
Mean person MISER
Mechanical, stiff ROBOTIC
River edge BANK
Roof structure GABLE
Send (money) REMIT
Sir Bernard —, scientist LOVELL
Spectator VIEWER
Statement of belief CREDO
Support for broken bone SPLINT
Turkish title of respect EFFENDI
Type of window ORIEL
Writer of song's words LYRICIST
A male fallow deer in its second year PRICKET
Abalone ORMER
Additional to what is required SUPPLEMENTAL
As if craving attention NEEDILY
Australian city MELBOURNE
Bad immune system response ALLERGY
Blissful situation IDYLL
Boldness intended to impress BRAVADO
Brief failure of judgement LAPSE
Built-up area CONURBATION
Card game RUMMY
Confuse, bewilder BEMUSE
Country with Manila as capital PHILIPPINES
Deprive of land and property DISPOSSESS
Edmund —, English poet SPENSER
Final result ENDPRODUCT
Followed TRACKED
Former German currency DEUTSCHMARK
Four suits plus jokers PACKOFCARDS
Game played on a billiards table SNOOKER
Greek letter S SIGMA
Group of linked symptoms SYNDROME
Hastily reverse one's action BACKPEDAL
Hymn sung at end of service RECESSIONAL
Indicative of something SIGNIFICANT
Items collected for their associations with events MEMORABILIA
Jape; bird LARK
Large flightless bird CASSOWARY
Left pending ONHOLD
Light umbrella PARASOL
Like a form of navigation INERTIAL
Long river of North America MISSISSIPPI
Lottery with items as prizes RAFFLE
Medieval bowed instrument REBEC
Not being given a good impression UNIMPRESSED
Not controlled UNREGULATED
One arguing over price HAGGLER
One of the Leeward Islands ANGUILLA
One on the run FUGITIVE
One training as a minister ORDINAND
Ornamental flower CHRYSANTHEMUM
Physical feeling SENSATION
Plane's undercarriage LANDINGGEAR
Representative on special mission EMISSARY
Round cap BERET
Share a boundary with ABUT
Ship's officer BOATSWAIN
Showing no compassion RUTHLESS
Something irreversibly decided FAITACCOMPLI
Something simple to hit or destroy EASYGAME
Squirm in pain WRITHE
Stealing during a disturbance LOOTING
Stretched tight TENSE
Strictly moral STRAITLACED
Stubbornness OBDURACY
What's needed for building PLANNINGPERMISSION
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