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The Times - Concise Apr 24 2010

(Of eyes) inflamed BLOODSHOT
A Fish Called —, film WANDA
Actual REAL
Addition to restaurant bill SERVICECHARGE
Admit the truth of (something) ACKNOWLEDGE
Aimlessly wandering MEANDERING
Be very successful GOLIKEABOMB
Bell-like keyboard instrument CELESTA
Belted constellation ORION
Biblical text sometimes set by composers LAMENTATIONSOFJEREMIAH
Character representing a sound PHONOGRAM
Characteristic melody THEMESONG
Church residence VICARAGE
Copy; copying REPRO
Cover with (something) BESMEAR
Decorative work ORNAMENTATION
Deliberately destroyed SABOTAGED
Drink for a departing rider STIRRUPCUP
Eg, Caesar EMPEROR
English folk song BRIGGFAIR
Escapade; dance CAPER
Expected standard of attire DRESSCODE
External aspect of character PERSONA
Fag, smoke CIGARETTE
Finance officer TREASURER
Following from the thing just mentioned THEREON
Girl's name IRENE
Having sharp corners ANGULAR
Horse-breeding establishment STUD
Inactive drug's result relying on the patient's belief in its worth PLACEBOEFFECT
Italian male name meaning messenger ANGELO
Keeping in good condition MAINTAINING
Leaving to live abroad EMIGRATING
Lively, cheerful EXUBERANT
Make a final desperate attempt DOORDIE
Making a noise like a donkey BRAYING
Mineral often condensing near volcanic vents SALAMMONIAC
Movement whose followers worship an Ethiopian emperor RASTAFARI
Mythical monster DRAGON
Navigate with map and compass ORIENTEER
Out of date OBSOLETE
Picture of fragments MOSAIC
Prepare (material) for publication EDIT
Relating to region of Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, etc INDOCHINESE
Repeat! ENCORE
Ringworm TINEA
Ruth —, crime writer RENDELL
Short valley or hollow COOMB
Stopping place en route to destination STAGINGAREA
Succulent plant ALOE
The blood of the gods ICHOR
The House of Lords SECONDCHAMBER
The sum of the matter in a few words (3,4,3,3,5,2,2) THELONGANDTHESHORTOFIT
Town in Nottinghamshire WORKSOP
Type of railway wagon LUGGAGEVAN
Type of tankard TOBYJUG
Variety of biscuit GINGERNUT
Alfresco OPENAIR
Atomic reaction FUSION
Attempts TRIES
Commotion HOOHA
Cows and oxen CATTLE
Dickensian miser SCROOGE
French river (Orléans, Tours, Nantes) LOIRE
Girl's name ANTONIA
Highly praise EXALT
Impudence; sensory fibre NERVE
In intrepid manner FEARLESSLY
Interpreter of scripture EXEGETE
Not certain UNCLEAR
Of little value TRIVIAL
Pursue CHASE
Raucous NOISY
Sensible and practical person REALIST
Start, beginning OUTSET
Used in everyday conversation COLLOQUIAL
Volcano mouth CRATER
With mind made up ADAMANT
Wooden case CRATE
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