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The Times - Concise Apr 09 2012

Adored LOVED
Affectedly polite GENTEEL
Assessed before having complete information PREJUDGED
Attracting no attention INCONSPICUOUS
Attractive, appealing WINSOME
Biblical songs PSALMS
Blackened by fire CHARRED
Building material CONCRETE
Change focus smoothly ZOOM
Charged particle ELECTRON
Coin collector NUMISMATIST
Compliance with orders OBEDIENCE
Constantly worry (about something) OBSESS
Courageous quality BRAVERY
Create too much fuss over (an issue) (4,1,4,3,5,5) MAKEASONGANDDANCEABOUT
Cut off, remote ISOLATED
Dairy product BUTTERMILK
Defeated with superior strength OVERPOWERED
Excessively full OVERFLOWING
Falsehood DECEIT
Free (from a liability) EXEMPT
French red wine BURGUNDY
Give resentfully BEGRUDGE
Goodbye ADIEU
Having a strong effect POWERFUL
Hibernian IRISH
Identifying sign BADGE
In an unseemly manner IMPROPERLY
Island of the Inner Hebrides SKYE
Lacking in skill INEXPERT
Long angry speech TIRADE
Long difficult journey TREK
Marionette operator PUPPETEER
Mild mental disorder NEUROSIS
More amicable FRIENDLIER
Not yet wed UNMARRIED
One entering by force INVADER
Opening, gap APERTURE
Outlet from the stomach SMALLINTESTINE
Paper-folding art ORIGAMI
Part of the Bible NEWTESTAMENT
Patience game SOLITAIRE
Promotion in rank ADVANCEMENT
Quite common Commonwealth place name QUEENSTOWN
Relish; vigour GUSTO
Repeatedly moved back and forth around (a place) CRISSCROSSED
Right at sea STARBOARD
Short daytime sleep CATNAP
Something not conforming to a rule EXCEPTION
Spotted, splashed SPLOTCHED
Taken as a whole OVERALL
To be recommended ADVISABLE
Treasure hunter's kit METALDETECTOR
Treasured odds and ends BRICABRAC
Twelve months YEAR
Willing to aid society PUBLICSPIRITED
Wooden peg DOWEL
Abstain from (action) ESCHEW
Arrive at (a place) REACH
Bamboo or rattan CANE
Bike rider CYCLIST
Candle's thread WICK
Dishonest scheme SCAM
Disused, neglected DERELICT
Give up (territory) CEDE
Group of stars CONSTELLATION
Group of tents CAMP
In solitary confinement INCOMMUNICADO
Incriminate by informing on (someone) STITCHUP
Local cooking style CUISINE
Lynx-like cat CARACAL
Mineral powder TALC
Rudely brief CURT
Seizure of power COUP
Semi-precious stone CATSEYE
Small weight OUNCE
Snipe-like bird WOODCOCK
Soothed CALMED
Take away DEDUCT
Threatening MENACING
Upright partition SCREEN
Wistfully mournful ELEGIAC
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