How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Sep 27 2013

"Back to the Future" actress Thompson LEA
"Been there, ___ that" DONE
"But then again . . ." YET
"Dracula" star Bela LUGOSI
"Gesundheit!" relative BLESSYOU
"I've got a mule, her name is ___" SAL
"Key to the City" presenter MAYOR
"Legal" or "medic" lead-in PARA
"St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)" singer John PARR
"That's all right, ___" (Elvis lyric) MAMA
"To the ___ of the Earth" ENDS
"___ be my pleasure!" ITD
"___ go bragh!" ERIN
"___ Station Zebra" ICE
"___-ching!" CHA
.0000001 joule ERG
11, in blackjack ACE
A-flat, e.g KEY
Abbr. for a bounced check NSF
Adventurous journeys SAFARIS
Affectionate murmur COO
All eyes and ears ALERT
Altar areas APSES
Apprehend NAB
Basketball court's three-point line, e.g ARC
Big name in ad agencies SAATCHI
Blood-related folk KIN
By the side of ALONG
Bygone, like days OLDEN
Caesar's 111 CXI
Common Market abbreviation EEC
Conclusion, at Cannes FINIS
Deprives of strength UNMANS
Dessert in Juneau? BAKEDALASKA
Economy and medium SIZES
Enjoyed a blue plate special ATE
Exotic fruit PAPAYA
Fair ___ (copyright issue) USE
Flying Cloud of the '30s, for one REO
Fudges SKEWS
Georgetown player HOYA
Grants admission to LETSIN
Having wings (var.) ALATED
Here and there, in bibliographies PASSIM
How procrastinators run LATE
Irene in a Sherlock Holmes tale ADLER
It's tested with Zener cards ESP
Jethro on "The Beverly Hillbillies" BODINE
Leveled (with "down") TORE
Like some coffee FREEZEDRIED
Lyrical song style ARIOSO
Paper revenue source ADS
Peel, as a potato PARE
Prom attendee, often SENIOR
Qatar, Kuwait or Dubai EMIRATE
Red dye used in cosmetics EOSIN
Reds used by painters ROSETS
Reference sections INDEXES
Ridiculed GIBED
River in Switzerland AAR
Royalty payer LICENSEE
Seems logical ADDSUP
Should be here any minute ISDUE
Stance for a catcher CROUCH
Tassel on a cap, e.g DANGLER
Tenor's opera standout ARIA
Thrice TER
Undergo decay ROT
Vestment for the clergy ALB
Weak spot for Achilles HEEL
What unpredictable faucets do? RUNHOTANDCOLD
With a fresh twist ANEW
Without a leg to stand on? APODAL
Word with "public" or "private" EYE
Wreath-hanging site DOOR
X follower? RAY
___ out a living EKE
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