How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Sep 26 2016

"Certainly!" signal NOD
"Mad Men" pool member STENO
"That reminds me . . ." OHYES
"___ Almighty" (Carell comedy) EVAN
Acts the tattletale TELLS
Angry with MADAT
Application form datum SEX
As an alternative INSTEAD
Backspace over ERASE
Backspaces over DELETES
Barbecue residue ASH
Bench press units REPS
Bill's "excellent adventure" pal TED
Caboose's place REAR
Candidate's goal SEAT
Cattle drive group HERD
Chinese chairman who hosted Nixon MAO
Competitive advantage EDGE
Confidential matters SECRETS
Conical abode TEPEE
Copier paper purchases REAMS
Cosmonaut's country RUSSIA
Difficult burden ONUS
Displays abundantly, as charm EXUDES
Elevator passageway SHAFT
Elf in cookie ads ERNIEKEEBLER
Enjoys, to a beatnik DIGS
Far from humble VAIN
Farm machinery name DEERE
Former Mississippi Sen. Trent LOTT
Greenish-blue hue TEAL
Guernsey's greeting MOO
Honking fliers GEESE
Hunter seen through a telescope ORION
Kickoff aid TEE
Krone spender DANE
Like a pool table, ideally LEVEL
Luau keepsakes LEIS
Make uneasy PERTURB
Male turkeys TOMS
Material that rain can stain SUEDE
Microwave, slangily ZAP
Missouri River tributary OSAGE
Nary a soul NOONE
Occur next ENSUE
Old NYC lines ELS
Pakistan neighbor IRAN
Parlor furniture item SETTEE
Part of a website PAGE
Place to hang one's hat PEG
Poker declaration IRAISE
Presidential period TERM
Professional's payment FEE
Propel a shell ROW
React to pepper, maybe SNEEZE
Regarding, in a memo ASTO
Science officer of 1960s television MISTERSPOCK
Sea ___ (marine polyp) ANEMONE
Sellout letters SRO
Shallowest HOMES member ERIE
Shopper's aid LIST
Showery mo APR
Sitcom kid with a toy werewolf EDDIEMUNSTER
Snapple competitor NESTEA
Soft-shell clam STEAMER
Sound of contentment PURR
Steers around AVOIDS
Stir fry vessels WOKS
Stuff to the gills SATE
Title for Connery SIR
Toddler tender SITTER
Trait shared by 17-, 27- and 48-Across POINTEDEARS
Trouble incessantly EATAT
Tune in many a Bollywood movie RAGA
Vampire's time to sleep DAY
Woody Allen-esque emotion ANGST
Wrote "mispelled," say ERRED
Yellowstone grazer ELK
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