How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Sep 26 2005

''. . . not always what they ___'' SEEM
''Permission granted'' YES
''The Swedish Nightingale'' LIND
''___ in the bag'' ITS
A-Rod, to his family ALEX
Act like a bear? SELLSTOCKSSHORT
All-around truck UTE
Amplify GROW
Antony gave one for Caesar EULOGY
Apt. coolers ACS
Archaic pronoun THEE
Bambi's tail SCUT
Bart Simpson's bus driver OTTO
Bearded flower IRIS
Beatles-era Brits MODS
Big story EPIC
Bit part for a big star CAMEO
Biting production SATIRE
Blanchett of ''The Talented Mr. Ripley'' CATE
Canine's core PULP
Cantankerous TESTY
Cantina cash PESOS
Cause of weakness ANEMIA
Change residences MOVE
Chicken follower FEED
City on the Oka OREL
Civil rights leader Medgar EVERS
Clear the cribbage board UNPEG
Clinton rival OBAMA
Clumsy cry OOPS
Coagulates CLOTS
Code name MORSE
Comic squeak cry EEK
Comment to the audience ASIDE
Confusion descriptor UTTER
Connection for 8-Down DEALER
Corn Belt state IOWA
Creased-crown hat FEDORA
Crossed (out) EXED
Daily section OPED
Daily TV event NEWSCAST
Develops a new figure RETOTALS
Diminishes in intensity ABATES
Distaff members SHES
Do ablutions LAVE
Ear infection OTITIS
Early U.S. president ADAMS
Enjoy thoroughly LAPUP
Executor's responsibility ESTATE
Express dependency LEANON
FBI, French-style SURETE
First woman to land a triple axel in competition ITO
Flight segment? RISER
Flower in a Noyes poem LILAC
Foolish fellow SIMPLESIMON
Frozen rain SLEET
Galba's 1051 MLI
Good times UPS
Got the lead out? ERASED
Ground cover? MACADAM
High points ACMES
Horse hair MANE
In the thick of, to a bard AMIDST
Is plural? ARE
It could be a dangerous thing ALITTLELEARNING
It helps the medicine go down CAPLET
It may hold stock LASSO
Jonathan Swift essay AMODESTPROPOSAL
Kind of base DATA
Kipling classic KIM
Lady of Spain DONA
Letter addition letters PSS
Lie or murder, e.g. SIN
Like some grins SLY
Loman's goals SALES
Ludicrous INANE
Man mentioned in Genesis ENOS
Many a game piece TILE
Margin mark STET
Mettle that earns a medal VALOR
Monty Python bit, e.g. PARODY
Mountain ash ROWAN
Mr. Heep URIAH
Newton fruits FIGS
Off base? AWOL
Oklahoma tribe OTO
Old stories LORE
Omelette ingredients for Julius OVA
One of TV's Barones MARIE
One way to have gotten home SLID
Online discussion group USENET
Palindromic pro athlete SELES
Part of F.D.R.'s New Deal WPA
Pi, for instance RATIO
Pie parts CRUSTS
Pie preference ALAMODE
Places of safety ASYLUMS
Popular pops COLAS
Proper LEGIT
Pundits SAGES
Racetrack town EPSOM
Raggedy redhead ANN
Record, in a way TAPE
Rehab candidate USER
Rents LETS
Ripe plus MELLOW
Roasting chamber OVEN
Rock blasters AMPS
Ruth Ginsburg's middle name BADER
Sass LIP
Schoolroom fixture DESK
Scots Gaelic ERSE
Seating level TIER
Semi-colon? DOT
Slogan MOTTO
Small piece of info SNIPPET
Some vessels used for boiled breakfast items EGGCUPS
South Pacific island group SAMOA
Southern nuts PECANS
Spot for a padlock HASP
State of Xenia OHIO
Stops along the way MOTELS
Target of fawning IDOL
Temporary quarters TENT
The dead-ball ___ ERA
The Edgar Award's inspiration POE
The Pointer Sisters' ''___ So Shy'' HES
Trattoria tubes PENNE
Tucked it away ATE
Understands SEES
Underwater forest plant KELP
Unfortunately, it may follow night MARE
Vessels that sound like Southern pronouns YAWLS
Viewpoint SLANT
Villa d'___ ESTE
Violation, as of privileges ABUSE
Washroom tub BASIN
Where many shop ONLINE
Where the queen travels farther than the king CHESS
Where to find porters PUB
Wimbledon champ, 1925, '28 LACOSTE
Wood shaper LATHE
Woody Allen 2000 release SMALLTIMECROOKS
Word with ''dining'' or ''restricted'' AREA
Word with foreign or legal AID
Work unit ERG
Yorkshire city LEEDS
___ juris SUI
___-fi SCI
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