How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Sep 21 2012

"Auld Lang ___" SYNE
"Julius Caesar" costume TOGA
"That was close!" PHEW
"Thelma & Louise" actor PITT
"Three's Company" landlord ROPER
"Very cool!" OOH
"___ the night before . . ." TWAS
Arabia's Gulf of ___ ADEN
At right angles to the keel ABEAM
Beat like a pulse THROB
Belonging to that guy HIS
Bon ___ (clever remark) MOT
Capture anew, as a lost love's affection REWIN
Cause of one's undoing BANE
Cede one's seat STAND
Centimeter-gram-second unit DYNE
Certain TV brand RCA
Chem. room LAB
Cigarette lighter MATCH
Clear snow-covered roads PLOW
Common pair? EMS
Computer command for the goof-prone UNDO
Corrects, as text EMENDS
Couch potato's step-saver REMOTE
Cover-up with strings attached APRON
Cry from Homer Simpson DOH
Cummerbund fold PLEAT
Drama with music OPERA
Eastern nanny AMAH
Famous Ruth BABE
Feedbag filler OATS
Fill with optimism ELATE
Grow, as a grass-roots movement SWELL
He's "Great" in kids' books NATE
Hindu royal RANI
Islamic religious leader IMAM
Kim of "Vertigo" NOVAK
Lake feeding the Niagara River ERIE
Last choice on a questionnaire OTHER
Lemony Snicket's count OLAF
Like a very small town ONEHORSE
Like overused muscles ACHY
Make an engraving ETCH
Nautical start? AERO
Neutral shade ECRU
Not a bad way to leave Vegas EVEN
Oldest Smurf PAPA
One paid to play PRO
Onetime anesthetic ETHER
Page or LaBelle PATTI
Partners of wherefores WHYS
Person answering the door, sometimes WOMANOFTHEHOUSE
Person with a yen DESIRER
Practice for a performance REHEARSE
Professional's shortcut TRICKOFTHETRADE
Red Monopoly piece HOTEL
Request from the stumped HINT
Ruler in Kuwait EMIR
Runway strutter MODEL
Sage or mint HERB
Sectionals, e.g SOFAS
Service station offering AIR
Sixth of seven canonical hours VESPERS
Smallest dining party ONE
Some are green with it ENVY
Some bridge players EASTS
State revenue generator LOTTO
Steady sound TONE
Stocking shade BEIGE
Swabby's swabber MOP
Type size smaller than pica ELITE
Unfeathered wing? ELL
Vulgar LEWD
White cheese FETA
Work only for women? LABOR
___ and proper PRIM
___ Mawr College BRYN
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