How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Sep 19 2005

''And . . .'' PLUS
''His Master's Voice'' pooch NIPPER
''I'm talking to you!'' LISTEN
''Idylls of the King'' poet TENNYSON
''Monster-in-Law'' star, briefly JLO
''Welcome!'' ENTER
Balzac's birthplace TOURS
Bank account, e.g. ASSET
Be agreeable ASSENT
Belmont entry COLT
Blackball SHUN
Bottom-of-the-barrel stuff LEES
Bring exasperation RILE
Bumps on a log NODES
Capital of Manche STLO
Cause to be immobile STUN
Children's classic PETERPAN
Cold one BEER
Corpulent OBESE
Cozenage SCAM
Deli counter item SCALE
Demonstration site, 1965 SELMA
Discordia's counterpart ERIS
Down Under dog DINGO
Editor's concern STYLE
Enjoy 44-Across READ
Expurgate, editorially DELE
Fastening item TNUT
Flag in the garden IRIS
Former Genoese magistrate DOGE
Frankfurt's river ODER
Game believed to be of Indian origin CHESS
Get well regimen THERAPY
Give wolfish looks OGLE
Glum drops TEARS
Have exclusively OWN
Hillary or Bill, but not Chelsea ELI
In nothing flat PRONTO
Interlacing technique SATINWEAVE
It has two jaws VISE
It may have claw feet TUB
Kind of shoppe OLDE
King in 44-Across ARTHUR
Lacking zest INSIPID
Lightweight fabric CREPE
Like a ballerina AGILE
Make eligible ENTITLE
Mate of a real swinger JANE
Meet expectations SATISFY
Meshed citizen IRANI
Mushroom cells SPORES
Nixon's undoing TAPES
Paving stone SETT
Picnicker's throwaway COB
Pinocchio's fish CLEO
Place for hope? CHEST
Printing technique SILKSCREEN
Publicity INK
Pudding base SAGO
Range across Europe ALPS
Religious requirement, sometimes FAST
Roofer's concern EAVE
Rugby formation SCRUM
Sidewinder's shape ESS
Statements in a pack? LIES
Sudden transition LEAP
Suffer from lack of water WILT
Truck stop sight SEMI
Use the maxilla and mandible CHEW
Wedding announcements IDOS
Western womenfolk GALS
What thsi is TYPO
White-scutted creature COTTONTAIL
With improved reception TUNED
Word in the first sentence of the Gettysburg Address AGO
Writing desk supply, perhaps LINENPAPER
___ Raymond Cobb TYRUS
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