How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Sep 15 2006

''. . . we fear ___ evil'' (Burns) NAE
''___ Cowgirls Get the Blues'' EVEN
''___ Hand Luke'' COOL
''___ tu che macchiavi'' ERI
'60s protest singer Phil OCHS
2.471 acres HECTARE
21st Greek letter PHI
Ancient serf ESNE
Anger IRE
Attraction DRAW
Baggage checker's call NEXT
Barrino and Hicks IDOLS
Become overcast DARKEN
Beginning of a pun WEIGHTWILLSNACK
Canine world DOGDOM
Chess piece CASTLE
D-Day transports LSTS
Dermatologist's removal, perhaps CYST
Diminishes in importance DOWNPLAYS
Doting letters TLC
Employs a Singer SEWS
Etiquette authority POST
Famous muscle man ATLAS
Formerly, formerly ERST
Frank's pal DEAN
Garner GET
Genesis of many great inventions IDEA
Have creditors OWE
High-collared type of jacket MAO
If conditions permit MAYBE
In the matter of ASTO
Israeli-designed weapon UZI
It may be found in Greek bars OUZO
It may be housebroken PET
It must be crossed to become more than one TEE
It's about five feet long in some halls CUE
It's followed by a bull in some circles RAM
Ivan IV was Russia's first TSAR
Like a lizard's skin SCALY
Like some alluring stockings MESH
Litigation SUITATLAW
Lonelyhearts' title MISS
Maliciously misrepresented LIBELED
Meat type LEAN
Mexican border state SONORA
Mia of soccer fame HAMM
Microscopic WEE
Middle of the pun (part 2) UPONYOUWHEN
Minuscule amount IOTA
Mother of Apollo and Artemis LETO
My boys or your boys SONS
Night stalker CAT
One administering corporal punishment CANER
Orange-to-red star, as Aldebaran KSTAR
Part of a perp's record PRIOR
Part of HRH HER
Passport adjunct VISA
Patriot's target in the Gulf War SCUD
Pope remembered on Nov. 10 STLEO
Pudding choice TAPIOCA
Quaker State port ERIE
Quantity of bricks TON
Rapscallion IMP
Relative of a nautilus OCTOPUS
Rue Morgue killer APE
Say no to NIX
Secretly watches SPIES
Shoat's mom SOW
Solar system's comet-intensive cloud OORT
Spur-of-the-moment purchases IMPULSEBUYS
Talker's gift? GAB
Top and over, for two COATS
Type of maniac EGO
Versatile truck, informally UTE
Words said with a nod ISEE
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